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Nov 19, 2000

Stonehenge Gruit Ale

John D's received all the herbs necessary to make a classic gruit ale. Here's our first attempt Brewed By: Drew...

Oct 29, 2000

Historical Porter

An attempt to recreate a classic London Porter from the early 1800's Brewed By: Drew Beechum, Cullen Davis, Jim...

Sep 1, 2000

5 Malt Lager

An experimental lager that uses 5 different malts including malted wheat and malted rye. Brewed By: Kevin Baran...

Aug 1, 2000

Missed the Boat Stout

Some of us didn't go to Catalina for Sunfest. Instead we brewed a stout inspired by the stronger Guinness found in ...

May 1, 2000

Son of AHA Big Brew Pale Ale

We're always at the SCHF whenever the AHA Big Brew happens. This year we decided to do it the next week! Brewed...

Apr 1, 2000

Agave Mead

Todd Etzel's Mead that won Best of Show for the 2000 Mayfaire Brewed By: Todd Etzel Brew Date: 04/01/2000

Mar 2, 2000

Marzen Madness

The first in a series of Marzen experiments. Brewed By: Cullen Davis, Jeff Zahniser, Drew Beechum, Todd Etzel, ...

Mar 1, 2000

Old Smokey Barleywine

Winner of the grand prize at MCAB II and pretty much a guaranteed medal winner wherever it gets entered! Brewed...

Feb 1, 2000

25th Anniversary IPA

MB Raine's winning IPA recipe brewed for our 25th Anniversary at BJ's Woodland Hills Brewed By: MB Raines Br...

Jan 1, 2000

"Courage" Imperial Stout

Tom Wolf's clone of the famous abandoned brew. Brewed By: Tom Wolf Brew Date: 06/01/2000

Dec 6, 1999

Second Bastard Dunkelweiss

When you have all those second runnings, you can't just let them go to waste! Brewed By: Kevin Baranowski and ...

Dec 6, 1999


The Falcon's Samiclaus Clone - a partigyle brew in hopes of keeping the spirit of Sami alive. Brewed By: Kevin ...
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