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Jun 9, 2015

Dark Heart of the Forest

This recipe is from Kale Bittner. His original batch was 5 gallons. Shortly after tasting it during a meeting, I got ...

Dec 13, 2013

Old Stout Porter

A bit of a throwback recipe, bumping up the gravity to the high end of the porter category and adding a healthy amo...

Mar 4, 2012

King Leopold's Ghost

This is one of my favorite and personal recipe, I've brewed a version of this beer every year since 2006. This was ...

Mar 15, 2011

Bloody Head Stout

What happens when a brewer breaks in a new kettle? If you're me, your garage door tries to kill you by crushing you...

Mar 1, 2001

Imperial Cakeweiser

The Imperial Stout produced from Doug's birthday cake. Brewed by MB Raines. Brewed By: MB Raines Brew Date: ...

Jan 1, 2000

"Courage" Imperial Stout

Tom Wolf's clone of the famous abandoned brew. Brewed By: Tom Wolf Brew Date: 06/01/2000
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