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Apr 7, 2013

The Bro Porter

A porter I brewed with my bro. A nice easy drinking porter with toasty and roasted flavors and coffee on the nose. ...

Jul 14, 2011

Dave & Rich's Dark Mild -- "new grains"

Rich & i worked up a decently tasty dark mild and this is the adaptation using the Shop's 2011 "new grains". A ...

Apr 24, 2011

Express Mild

The SCHF is in 6 days. Can I get a beer ready in time? Brewed By: Drew Beechum Brew Date: 04/24/2011

Apr 10, 2011

Chipotle Porter

I have been brewing chili beers for the last 18 years. My first chili beer took 3rd at a home brew competition. Man...

Mar 30, 2011

English Mild

I've brewed this beer many times and it has placed in every competition I have entered it in. I brew this beer twic...

Oct 1, 2001

2001 Oktoberfest Brew Session #1 - CDJK Mild

Our largest mass brewing event at a fest. Four teams, four semi-cobbled together breweries, one fest with a ton of ...

Mar 1, 2001

Rich's Smoked Porter

Rich Schmittdiel steps up and brews us an awesome Smoked Porter. Brewed By: Rich Schmittdiel, Drew Beechum, Cul...

Jan 1, 2001

Fuddy Duddy Mild Ale

The second runnings of the Hippie Old Ale prove useful! Brewed By: Cullen Davis, Jim Kopitzke, Drew Beechum ...
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