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Growler Fills of the Los Angeles Area

Growler Fills of the Los Angeles Area

With the change in the ABC policy about growlers, we need to know - who in our area will fill say a Maltose Falcons Stainless Steel Growler? Please leave a comment below indicating any discoveries or changes!


Please Note - No brewery is required to fill your growler so don't get bent out of shape if someone says no. This is all still flexible, new territory for everyone and folks are developing their policies. Also, remember that sometimes individual employees may get things wrong. Oh and don't forget - a clean growler is a happy growler! Keep some electrical tape on hand to obscure logos as well.

Why Don't All Breweries Fill "Foreign" Growlers? There are a few reasons, but a big one is branding. To many craft breweries, their growlers are a big (sometimes only) piece of marketing. They want to know that their beer is ultimately associated with their branding so that when you pour the beer for yourself or others, you're getting that association to them. The reason everyone wants to make sure the growlers aren't carrying other's marks is for that same reason - why would I want you to associate my beer with Brewery B because you put in Brewery B's growler? (The other less unspoken side - Suppose Brewery A sucks - why would brewery B want potentially sucky beer to come out of their branded growler?).

There's a labor issue as well - growler filling takes time away from serving on-prem customers. Most breweries have a system in place where the staff can jam out their growler in reasonable time. The staff has the process down cold. Introducing random spurious unusual growlers now means the staff has to adjust to each new growler that comes in, inspect it, make sure it meets the breweries policy, etc.

Foreign growler fills put the staff in a position of "judgement" with a lot of gray area that can piss customers off. Before the policy was simple and clearly understood - "not our growler - no fill". Now the staff has to decide does this meet our policy? Inevitably they'll end up pissing off the customer who comes in with a milk jug or some such. (They exist)

The Customer Argument: All of this is balanced against the one big reason that consumers want to fill foreign growlers. I don't want to store 20 growlers in my car whenever I think I might stop by a brewery. I'm absent minded to hell and won't remember to go grab Brewery A's growler before going to the brewery. Am I likely to buy another growler just so I can take away their beer? Probably not. I want my life to be simple - I have a good, clean, awesome growler. Please put your awesome beer into my awesome growler and I promise to sing your praises and branding to the pouring audience. Whenever I pour your beer into my glass I will say a silent prayer of thanks - "thank you Brewery A for your hard labor that brings us such magnifience".

Breweries - See something wrong or want to change/add your status? Email our web team at


check-mark-8-24.jpg - Happy to fill your growler

No - No foreign growler fills. 

yellow_warning_24x24.png - Brewery will fill foreign growlers under certain conditions. (usually restricted growler types)

Lol_question_mark.png - Status Uknown - How about a Helping Hand?

Brewery "Foreign" Growler Policy Table
Brewery Fill City Area Notes Last Update Reporter
8 one 8 Brewing Lol_question_mark.png Canoga Park      
Absolution Brewing Lol_question_mark.png Torrance      
Alosta Brewing Lol_question_mark.png Covina      
Angel City yellow_warning_24x24.png Downtown LA (Arts District) Only fills screwtop growlers 9/22/2014 Dave Lustig
Arrow Lodge Lol_question_mark.png Covina      
Arts District Lol_question_mark.png DTLA      
Barrel House Brewing yellow_warning_24x24.png Ventura Won't fill unless you've affixed the Surgeon General's Warning sticker to the growler (and even then?) 12/18/2014 JJ Couts
Beachwood BBQ No Long Beach   7/19/2014 Tom Sisolak
Boomtown Brewing Lol_question_mark.png DTLA      
Bottle Logic Brewing check-mark-8-24.jpg Anaheim   7/31/2014 Tom Sisolak
Bravey Brewing No Lancaster/Palmdale They don't currently fill foreign growlers, but anticipate changing policy soon. 7/21/2014 Brian Avery
Brewyard Brewing Company check-mark-8-24.jpg Glendale Will fill once their tag is approved and offers an AHA Discount 11/11/2015 Ed Kochanowski
Brewery at Abigaile Lol_question_mark.png Hermosa Beach      
Brouwerij West Lol_question_mark.png San Pedro      
Bruery yellow_warning_24x24.png Placentia Will only fill Bruery or blank Palla (aka Onion Style) 2L growlers. Policy 7/23/2014 Drew Beechum
Captain Fatty's yellow_warning_24x24.png Goleta Generic Growlers Only 10/31/2015 Tom Sisolak/Ed Kochanowski
Claremont Craft Ales No Claremont   7/19/2014 Ed Kochanowski
Congregation Ale House No Azusa   7/12/2014 Israel Arrieta
Dry River Brewing Lol_question_mark.png DTLA      
Dudes Brewing Lol_question_mark.png Torrance/TO      
Eagle Rock Brewery check-mark-8-24.jpg Glassel Park Fills any 1liter or 2liter (or 1/2 gallon growler). Will black out other brewery marks 8/14/2014 Drew Beechum
El Segundo Brewing check-mark-8-24.jpg El Segundo   12/3/2015 Sean Sabat
Enegren Brewing Company check-mark-8-24.jpg Moorpark Fills non-screwtop growlers 1/6/2017 JJ Coutts
Figueroa Mountain check-mark-8-24.jpg Santa Barbara Valley Area / Westlake Village Westlake Village will fill growlers as well 1/7/2016 Jason Byl
Five Threads Brewing check-mark-8-24.jpg Westlake Village Clean growlers! (per facebook) 2/6/2016 Tim Kazules
Frogtown Brewing Lol_question_mark.png Atwater Village      
Golden Road Brewing No Atwater Village   8/5/2014 Dana Cordes
Hamilton Family Brewery check-mark-8-24.jpg Rancho Cucamonga   8/14/2015 Riley McIntire
Hand Brewed Beer Lol_question_mark.png Northridge      
Hangar 24 No Redlands Only their own growlers 10/2/2016 James Dunham
Highland Park Brewery check-mark-8-24.jpg Highland Park   7/12/2014 Drew Beechum
Homage Brewing check-mark-8-24.jpg Pomona   12/31/2016 Drew Beechum
Hop Saint Lol_question_mark.png Torrance      
Indie Brewing check-mark-8-24.jpg DTLA Will fill unmarked growlers (according to website) 1/6/2017 Drew Beechum
Innovation Brew Works No Pomona No foreign fills 7/6/2018 Mercy
Institution Ale Company No Camariilo   7/12/2014 Tom Sisolak
Iron Triangle check-mark-8-24.jpg DTLA Clean and unmarked 12/02/2016 Drew Beechum
Island Brewing  check-mark-8-24.jpg Carpinteria   10/20/2015 Tom Sisolak/Ed Kochanowski
Kinetic Brewing check-mark-8-24.jpg Lancaster Fills any clean glass or stainless growler that are 32oz, 64 oz, 1L or 2L. Must be devoid of another breweries branding. 7/21/2014 Sven "Mr. Kinetic" Kinsey
King Harbor Lol_question_mark.png Redondo      
LA Ale Works check-mark-8-24.jpg Hawthorne Fills any clean growler without markings (or covered) 1/5/2017 Drew Beechum
LAB Brewing check-mark-8-24.jpg Agoura Hills (aka Twisted Oak Tavern) 9/3/2014 Sean Sabat
Ladyface Ale Companie No Agoura Hills   7/12/2014 Tom Sisolak
Lincoln Brewing Lol_question_mark.png Burbank      
Lucky Luke check-mark-8-24.jpg Palmdale AHA / CHA Discount 3/24/206 Tom Sisolak
M. Special Brewing check-mark-8-24.jpg Goleta   10/30/2015 Tom Sisolak/Ed Kochanowski
MacLeod Ale Brewing Co check-mark-8-24.jpg Van Nuys   7/19/2014 Dave Richard
Monkish Brewing check-mark-8-24.jpg Torrance $2 fee for foreign growlers 7/19/2014 Tom Sisolak
Mumford Brewing check-mark-8-24.jpg Downtown LA Will fill Falcons growlers (or other unbranded growlers) 1/16/2016 Riley McIntire
No Clue Brew yellow_warning_24x24.png Rancho Cucamonga Working on label for blank growlers, No on Falcons Growlers. 7/30/2015 Dave Sherfy
Noble Ale Works check-mark-8-24.jpg Anaheim   11/15/2014 JJ Coutts
Ohana Brewing check-mark-8-24.jpg Alhambra/DTLA At their Alhambra tap room 8/20/2014 Chris Rodkey
Pacific Plate Brewing check-mark-8-24.jpg Monorvia Will cover other brewery artwork 6/20/2015 Roberto Hernandez
Phantom Ales check-mark-8-24.jpg Anaheim fills blank growlers and said they would fill a Falcon's growler as well. They also give a discount to AHA members 7/19/2015 James Dunham
Phantom Carriage yellow_warning_24x24.png Carson 32 oz growlers only (clean and blank) 6/20/2015 Matt Meyerhoff
Pocock Brewing yellow_warning_24x24.png Santa Clarita Fill any clean 2L Onion/Palla style growler with markings obscured 3/11/2016 Geoff Pocock
Poisedon Brewing check-mark-8-24.jpg Ventura Fills all growlers - will put sticker on the  blank side of MF growler 11/2/2014 Kent Fletcher
Progress Brewing Lol_question_mark.png South El Monte      
Rev Brewing check-mark-8-24.jpg Covina Fills all growlers 06/20/2015 Drew Beechum
Rincon Brewing check-mark-8-24.jpg Carpinteria   10/30/2015 Tom Sisolak/Ed Kochanowski
Ritual Brewing No Redlands   4/22/2017 Matthew Postel
Rubens Distilling & Brewing Lol_question_mark.png El Segundo      
San Fernando Brewing Lol_question_mark.png San Fernando      
Sanctum Brewing check-mark-8-24.jpg Pomona Fills any growler - will block another breweries artwork 6/20/2015 Natalie DeNicholas
Santa Barbara Brewing Company check-mark-8-24.jpg Santa Barbara Fills blank growlers. 9/5/2014 Mike Resar
Santa Monica Brew Works Lol_question_mark.png Santa Monica      
Schlob Premium Ales Lol_question_mark.png Torrance      
Skyland Ale Works check-mark-8-24.jpg Corona Fills pre-cleaned growlers and will block artwork 2/19/2015 Tom Sisolak
Smog City Brewing No Torrance Waiting on approval from the ABC 12/3/2015 Sean Sabat
State Brewing Company Lol_question_mark.png Gardena      
Stone Brewing (Pasadena) yellow_warning_24x24.png Pasadena Policy on website says growlers must be clean, obscured and be swingtop 1-3 liters. 10/26/2015 Chris Jordan
Strand Brewing No Torrance   12/3/2015 Sean Sabat
Sundowner (Wade's Wines) No Thousand Oaks   7/19/2014 Alisha Gordon
Surf Brewery check-mark-8-24.jpg Ventura   7/19/2014 Riley McIntire
Three Weavers check-mark-8-24.jpg Inglewood   12/3/2015 Sean Sabat
Timeless Pints check-mark-8-24.jpg Lakewood Blank Growlers or Non-Brewery Branded Growlers only.  9/2/2015 Rusty Reece
Topa Topa Brewing Company check-mark-8-24.jpg Ventura   7/18/2015 Tom Sisolak
Transplants Brewing check-mark-8-24.jpg Palmdale AHA / CHA Discount 3/24/2016 Tom Sisolak
Verdugo West Lol_question_mark.png Burbank      
Wolf Creek No Santa Clarita/Calabasas   7/28/2014 Craig Frump

Totals: 44 out of 56 breweries fill foreign growlers (79%)




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Tom Sisolak's picture

6/14/2014 was in Figueroa Mountain and they said they will fill any growler since the law changed. I didn't have the Falcon's growler yet so I couldn't test it.

7/12/2014 was in Institution Ale in Camarillo and they will not fill non native growlers

7/12/2014 was in Ladyface in Agoura and they will not fill non native growlers

7/12/2014 was in Enegren in Moorpartk and they will not fill non native growlers

MichaelPatterson's picture
agordon119's picture

Sundowner Brewery (Wade's Wines) will not fill any growlers but their own

CTDFalconer's picture

That's handy! We should try to keep it updated as places change their policies.

Monster Mash's picture

Wolf Creek will only fill their own growlers

ssabat7's picture

The LAB in Agoura Hills was happy to fill my Falcons Growler.  

DaveL256's picture

Angel City Brewery DTLA:  Does not fill 2l flip-tops, only dark ½gallon screwtops.

dave lustig

Tom Sisolak's picture

Tap It Brewing in San Luis Obispo will not fill foreign growlers but will trade your growler for one of theirs.

bernard.lebel's picture

10/24/2014: Firestone Walker does not fill generic growlers.

chemman14's picture

Bottle Logic and Noble Ale Works both fill the falcons growlers. 

Dunhamj's picture

Phantom Ales in Anaheim fills blank growlers and said they would fill a Falcon's growler as well. They also give a discount to AHA members. They are also a homebrew supply shop with great prices and a decent selection. 

RustyReece's picture

I visited 9/2/2015. I spoke to the bartender about filing growlers, and she said that as long as it did not have a competitor's label on it, she would fill it. The price is $10.00 for 64 ounces. I did not try to fill one.

Timeless Pints Address: 3671 Industry Ave, Lakewood, CA 90712 Phone:(562) 490-0099
Administrator's picture

Thank you!

RustyReece's picture

Three Weavers - 1031 W. MANCHESTER BLVD., UNIT A-BINGLEWOOD, CA (enter off of Isis).

They will fill growlers without professional brewery logo on it (they may ask you to cover logo- the bar tender did not think a club logo was a problem).

RustyReece's picture

No Clue Brewery,

9037 Arrow Route #170, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

    No to growler (except their own). Owner thanked me for being polite and taking 'no' for an answer. There are (apparently) some jerks out there.

    Tom Sisolak's picture

    3/12/2016 Visited Transplants Brewing and Lucky Luke. Both with fill club and non native growlers. Both give AHA/CHA discounts.

    Dunhamj's picture

    Hangar 24 Does not fill growlers other than their own. They do have Crowlers for $2 plus fill. 

    MagickalMomee's picture


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