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Mayfaire 2023 - Results released!

Mar 1, 2001

Imperial Cakeweiser

The Imperial Stout produced from Doug's birthday cake. Brewed by MB Raines. Brewed By: MB Raines Brew Date: ...

Dec 6, 2000

Falconsclaws 2000

The clone attempt returns! Brewed By: Kevin Baranowski, Cullen Davis, Jim Kopitzke, Frank Antonowitz, Drew Beec...

Sep 1, 2000

5 Malt Lager

An experimental lager that uses 5 different malts including malted wheat and malted rye. Brewed By: Kevin Baran...

Dec 6, 1999


The Falcon's Samiclaus Clone - a partigyle brew in hopes of keeping the spirit of Sami alive. Brewed By: Kevin ...
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