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Board Meeting Minutes June 2023

Board Meeting Minutes June 2023

Board Meeting Agenda — Tuesday, June 13th, 2023

Roll Call:  Present: Rick, Geoff, Ilan, Quinlan, John, Ed and guests Roger Taylor and Art Fitzimmons

1) Next board meeting date and location?

  • Next board meeting?  Do we need one in July? Yes, mostly to deal with the competition website issues.
  • Next club meeting - July 9th at the shop.
    • Mexican Lager Comp - still need a partner brewery

2) Treasurer’s Report

  • Usual Financial info.
  • Bank accounts look good.
  • Did we ask Nolan for a second run of shirts?
  • It was brought up that we lose money on every happy hour, mostly because of the credit card processing fee.  It was suggested that we raise the price by $1.00 to cover that.  To be discussed at the next board meeting after talking to Drew and Tiffany. 
    • Drew - we usually do bump the price by $1 unless the pack is $20+

3) Activities

  • Mayfaire recap:
    • How did it go?  30 meals.  About 18 spent the night.
    • Homebrew Con San Diego Wed. June 21-Sat. June 24
      • What are we taking?
      • Who is taking what?
        • Art bringing 3 club double and 1 Tavern quad jockey box
        • John bringing club beer engine
        • 2nd Table?  Sign?  Tablecloth?  Swag to sell?
  • Art to bring 2nd table.  Rick to pick up signage, tablecloth, swag from the shop after Tiffany drops off.
        • Brewery Crawl- John  Rip current @ 2PM
        • Sign up sheet for bottles, kegs
      • Summer Brew Crawl
        • July 22nd what is the latest.  Tiffany has info up on website.
      • Arrowhead Brewfest Sept 9
        • Is this instead of or in addition to the Sept. club meeting Instead.  Drew to write up by-law change for changing the “no August meeting” to a “no September meeting”.
        • Impact on club elections  They will be in August.
        • Do we need to change the bylawsYes,  Drew will do it.
        • Has anyone booked a campsite for some to camp?  Bob to take care of that.
      • Oktoberfest
        • Date? October. 
        • There’s a rumor that the DAV has reopened under new management. Bob will check out.

      • Collabs for the 50th anniversary - HAS ANYONE TALKED TO ANY OF THESE BREWERIES YET?:
          • Bravery-Done
    • Three Weavers - Lynne & Chris want to closer to the 50th, most likely an IPA (hopefully with Pink Boots crew involvement)
        • Transplants-
        • Macleods-
        • Highland Park-
        • LBBL- Drew
        • Paperback-Pending (Status)
        • Bruery- Ilan
        • Enegren
        • Naughty Pine
        • 8one8
        • Lawless- Geoff
        • Smog City -Let’s reach out
        • FW-Set to rebrew the Browneywine recipe at the propagator. For a release for their brewmaster collective. 
        • Sierra Nevada in Chico - Nicolai & Bob
        • Russian River - Drew will email Vinnie

      4) Vice President

      • Did we find the Golden bee?  Not yet.
      • Did all the scoresheets get uploaded?  All but two.

      5) Grand Hydro

      • What are we drinking- 
      • Grand Hydro Comps:
        • July- Mexican Lager 
        • October-Imperial Stout
      • Happy Hour: 
      • When is the next one? TBD 

      6) Webmaster

      • Anything new?

      7) Art Director 

      • Anything new?

      9) Membership

      • What are the numbers? 136 April
      • Active Members: 136 members june 13th
      • New Members: 2
      • Auto subscriptions: 41
      • Any new discounts? No

      10) Publicity

      • Do you need any support from the board? Access to any accounts? 

      Nicolai volunteered to scan 25th anniversary recipe book and have it available in electronic format.

      • Shop Brews
        • July?- No, too hot 
        • August? No, too hot

      11) Newsletter

      • Deadline for submission: Monday, June 19
      • Ideas for content: Upcoming events, Homebrew Con, upcoming competitions, report from Mayfaire

      12) Burger Meister- cold dishes

      13) Secretary

      • Anything new?
      • The secretary is supposed to publish club meeting minutes.  Newsletter?  Website?  

      14) Other business?

      • Continue organizing the club house, let’s make it look nice for our guests.  What can we throw away?
        • Go through boxes–label and organize.  When?
        • All Mayfaire beers have been cleaned up.  DKM?  Apparently there are still two ice chests full of beer.
      • Long, narrow shed for competition ice chests. On hold.  Tarps for now.-Status?  Needs to happen soon so the ice chests don’t deteriorate. VP’s (and John) threw away about six in Mayfaire season
      • Change over brunch at yacht club - Nicoli
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