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Board Meeting Minutes August 2023

Board Meeting Minutes August 2023

August 5th, 2023

Clubhouse and on Zoom

All present, except for Cullen and Ian

1) Next board meeting date and location?

  • Next board meeting?   Monday Sept 18th
  • Next club meeting? November 2nd 

2) Treasurer’s Report

  • Usual Financial info.
  • Bank & Paypal: Account balances looking good.
  • Need to purchase cooler tarps/covers ($10 each? Someone please purchase while we plan for a constructed cover

3) Activities

  • Arrowhead Brewfest Sept 9
    • Who’s going?
  • Keg sign-up sheet- How many kegs are signed up? Have proper signage for our beers. ex. Beer name, Style, ABV, brewer.
  • 2 Campsites- Are they up for purchase? Anyone purchased a spot yet? 6 people per campsite max (cost was $132 for both sites, 2 nights) 
  • Equipment–what are we bringing?  Who’s bringing it?  Jockey boxes.  Kevin most of it, but Eric to bring what Kevin can’t.
  • Oktoberfest
  • The Dexters residence 
  • How much are we charging? $30
  • How many tickets have sold so far?
  • Jockey Boxes & picnic taps
  • Are we doing the taco guy? Yes - Jenna said she would make pretzels with all the mustards & Tiff/Kathy will make some sort of dessert
  • Also bring a dish - appetizer or snack
  • Ordering restrooms? no
  • Cleaning crew on Sunday
  • Advertise silent auction early - asking for donations (personal brew equipment or brewery donation help) All proceeds will go toward subsidizing 50th party ticket pricing
    • Include in next eblast & text closer to the fest: call for items (gift basket with beer & stuff, gift certificates to local breweries, etc.)
  • We have a fair number of items “donated” by club members at the Shop 
  • Who wants to be in charge of the silent auction?
  • Activities directors (Bob) to organize any keg toss, mug holding contest or whatever.  
  • Cleaning crew afterwards paid for by club.
  • Change over brunch Nov. 12 is se. 
    • Is this set in stone? No - Ilan asked to change to Nov 19th - work for everyone?

SCHF - 50th Anniversary edition

  • We need to plan this one out to match the immensity of our accomplishment. 

Google doc has been created.

50th Anniversary SCHF "Classics" Bar

  • Resurrecting the Classics Bar Concept:
    • One bar filled with well-known Falcons beers. Things we’re proud of that show the history of the club
    • Octorandall?
    • Dougweiser
    • Falconsclaws
    • DONE - Heart of Darkness- Q & Tiff
    • Hashiell 10 - MB (Sunday August 20th @ her house)
  • Citizens Brew- Spoke to Larry and informed him if we do not get any members to sign up that we were going to pull out from the event. 
    • Quinlan?  Fallon?  Anyone else? Art Fitz, maybe Ed?

4) Vice President

  • Anything new for DKM?
    • Macleod – Date -Jan 27th
  • Mayfaire - Santa Monica Brew Works (Date?)
    • BOS winner to brew @ SMBW (Tiff to confirm with Avery)
  • Competition Committee Meeting–When? After website is up - Nov. 14th
  • Is the comp. website functional?  Do all 3 VPs have access? - No and No 
  • Marketing - Drew, John A., Jamie

5) Grand Hydro

  • What are we drinking- for November? - Imperial Stouts + RIS Comp
  • Grand Hydro Comps:
    • November - Imperial Stout (all sub styles invited)
    • January - Mild’s Steam Beer
  • Stuffed Sandwich - Dec. 16th - Live on Website
  • Happy Hour: 
  • When is the next one? 
    • North Park

6) Webmaster

  • Anything new?

7) Art Director 

  • Connect with Brian from Bravery to create label
  • Start creating 50th artwork for swag & advertisements
  • Connect with Art Fitz about past artwork archive - he wants to include as much as possible in the videos he’s creating for the party

9) Membership

  • What are the numbers? 137 April- 
  • Active Members: 
  • New Members: 
  • Auto subscriptions: 
  • Any new discounts? 

10) Publicity

  • Club Recipe Book?
    • What’s the future vision for this? Jaime can create PDF/BeerXLM/Beerfather JSON files over next few months to modernize.  Should include recipes from both the current and old websites.   Drew to give him access
      • QR code note card?
  • Shop Brews
    • September 16th - Ilan - Pale Ale 
    • October 22nd - Rick - TBD

11) Newsletter

  • Deadline for submission: Friday, September 1st
  • Ideas for content:
    • HBC recap (lots of bonding with other LA clubs)
    • Upcoming events and competitions 
    • Upcoming Comps across CA?

12) Burger Meister

  • Oktoberfest?  No  Taco Guy.

13) Secretary

  • Anything new? 

14) Other business?

We need to step up our presence at festivals, let’s get a bit more presentable.

  • MB’s house- Casino Night Fundraiser - January 20th (Doug King’s birthday)
  • How else should we raise money for the 50th party?  Mayfaire sponsors
  • Covers for the jockey boxes when we do not take the bar.
    • Did we buy that 4th jockey box?  Include the rack?  If so, who’s going to change the beer lines?
    • What about a multi-tap jockey box similar to Toaked’s?  
      • In advance of Oktoberfest? 
      • Do we want their old ones? No
      • What about the remains of Kent’s bar?
        • John to see if the tower from Kent’s bar will fit in 100 qt cooler
  • Are we interested in that Phantom Ale stuff Ed found?  It’s gone.
  • Conference “Puck” for better zoom calls (Board, Club Meetings)
  • The bird tap handles for our bars/set up. We will follow up
  • We need to organize and sort out the totes that are in the rear of the clubhouse. Mid to end of October.
  • Beanie Bar / now Nicolai Bar / soon Roger Bar–what do we do with it?
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