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Board Meeting Minutes August 2023

August 5th, 2023

Clubhouse and on Zoom

All present, except for Cullen and Ian

1) Next board meeting date and location?

  • Next board meeting?   Monday Sept 18th
  • Next club meeting? November 2nd 

2) Treasurer’s Report

  • Usual Financial info.
  • Bank & Paypal: Account balances looking good.
  • Need to purchase cooler tarps/covers ($10 each? Someone please purchase while we plan for a constructed cover

3) Activities

  • Arrowhead Brewfest Sept 9
    • Who’s going?
  • Keg sign-up sheet- How many kegs are signed up? Have proper signage for our beers. ex. Beer name, Style, ABV, brewer.
  • 2 Campsites- Are they up for purchase? Anyone purchased a spot yet? 6 people per campsite max (cost was $132 for both sites, 2 nights) 
  • Equipment–what are we bringing?  Who’s bringing it?  Jockey boxes.  Kevin most of it, but Eric to bring what Kevin can’t.
  • Oktoberfest
  • The Dexters residence 
  • How much are we charging? $30
  • How many tickets have sold so far?
  • Jockey Boxes & picnic taps
  • Are we doing the taco guy? Yes - Jenna said she would make pretzels with all the mustards & Tiff/Kathy will make some sort of dessert
  • Also bring a dish - appetizer or snack
  • Ordering restrooms? no
  • Cleaning crew on Sunday
  • Advertise silent auction early - asking for donations (personal brew equipment or brewery donation help) All proceeds will go toward subsidizing 50th party ticket pricing
    • Include in next eblast & text closer to the fest: call for items (gift basket with beer & stuff, gift certificates to local breweries, etc.)
  • We have a fair number of items “donated” by club members at the Shop 
  • Who wants to be in charge of the silent auction?
  • Activities directors (Bob) to organize any keg toss, mug holding contest or whatever.  
  • Cleaning crew afterwards paid for by club.
  • Change over brunch Nov. 12 is se. 
    • Is this set in stone? No - Ilan asked to change to Nov 19th - work for everyone?

SCHF - 50th Anniversary edition

  • We need to plan this one out to match the immensity of our accomplishment. 

Google doc has been created.

50th Anniversary SCHF "Classics" Bar

  • Resurrecting the Classics Bar Concept:
    • One bar filled with well-known Falcons beers. Things we’re proud of that show the history of the club
    • Octorandall?
    • Dougweiser
    • Falconsclaws
    • DONE - Heart of Darkness- Q & Tiff
    • Hashiell 10 - MB (Sunday August 20th @ her house)
  • Citizens Brew- Spoke to Larry and informed him if we do not get any members to sign up that we were going to pull out from the event. 
    • Quinlan?  Fallon?  Anyone else? Art Fitz, maybe Ed?

4) Vice President

  • Anything new for DKM?
    • Macleod – Date -Jan 27th
  • Mayfaire - Santa Monica Brew Works (Date?)
    • BOS winner to brew @ SMBW (Tiff to confirm with Avery)
  • Competition Committee Meeting–When? After website is up - Nov. 14th
  • Is the comp. website functional?  Do all 3 VPs have access? - No and No 
  • Marketing - Drew, John A., Jamie

5) Grand Hydro

  • What are we drinking- for November? - Imperial Stouts + RIS Comp
  • Grand Hydro Comps:
    • November - Imperial Stout (all sub styles invited)
    • January - Mild’s Steam Beer
  • Stuffed Sandwich - Dec. 16th - Live on Website
  • Happy Hour: 
  • When is the next one? 
    • North Park

6) Webmaster

  • Anything new?

7) Art Director 

  • Connect with Brian from Bravery to create label
  • Start creating 50th artwork for swag & advertisements
  • Connect with Art Fitz about past artwork archive - he wants to include as much as possible in the videos he’s creating for the party

9) Membership

  • What are the numbers? 137 April- 
  • Active Members: 
  • New Members: 
  • Auto subscriptions: 
  • Any new discounts? 

10) Publicity

  • Club Recipe Book?
    • What’s the future vision for this? Jaime can create PDF/BeerXLM/Beerfather JSON files over next few months to modernize.  Should include recipes from both the current and old websites.   Drew to give him access
      • QR code note card?
  • Shop Brews
    • September 16th - Ilan - Pale Ale 
    • October 22nd - Rick - TBD

11) Newsletter

  • Deadline for submission: Friday, September 1st
  • Ideas for content:
    • HBC recap (lots of bonding with other LA clubs)
    • Upcoming events and competitions 
    • Upcoming Comps across CA?

12) Burger Meister

  • Oktoberfest?  No  Taco Guy.

13) Secretary

  • Anything new? 

14) Other business?

We need to step up our presence at festivals, let’s get a bit more presentable.

  • MB’s house- Casino Night Fundraiser - January 20th (Doug King’s birthday)
  • How else should we raise money for the 50th party?  Mayfaire sponsors
  • Covers for the jockey boxes when we do not take the bar.
    • Did we buy that 4th jockey box?  Include the rack?  If so, who’s going to change the beer lines?
    • What about a multi-tap jockey box similar to Toaked’s?  
      • In advance of Oktoberfest? 
      • Do we want their old ones? No
      • What about the remains of Kent’s bar?
        • John to see if the tower from Kent’s bar will fit in 100 qt cooler
  • Are we interested in that Phantom Ale stuff Ed found?  It’s gone.
  • Conference “Puck” for better zoom calls (Board, Club Meetings)
  • The bird tap handles for our bars/set up. We will follow up
  • We need to organize and sort out the totes that are in the rear of the clubhouse. Mid to end of October.
  • Beanie Bar / now Nicolai Bar / soon Roger Bar–what do we do with it?
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