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Board Meeting Minutes April 2023

Board Meeting Minutes April 2023

1) Next board meeting date and location?

  • Next board meeting?  May 16th
  • Next club meeting - June (none in May due to Mayfaire)

2) Treasurer’s Report

  • Bank accounts are looking good.
  • How did we do with finances for Mayfaire? So far so good - waiting on bigger expenses such as food, supplies, etc to reimburse
  • Are the shirts selling? Yes! 14 shirts out of 54 sold so far. Everyone who is going to SCHF should buy one so we can take a group pic in front of our booth

3) Activities

  • 50th Any update from the meeting?  Any new action items we need to address? Nothing new - just that Art Fitz is busy filming and getting content for the 50th video and will need help at SCHF with interviews. He won’t be able to attend Mayfaire so we all have to be good about taking vids and send to Art. Always shoot horizontal, never vertical (he says).
    • SCHF
      • How many campsites have we sold (we now have 8 campsites)? 5 RV’s & 4 tents
      • Are we all set? Info from last board meeting:  Bonneys bringing their bar.  Kevin will set up EARLY.  Kevin also going to Mayfaire, just will bring the keg boxes.  The three club jockey boxes and Roger’s meads will take up other space at SCHBF.
    • Push camp tickets on social media
    • Mayfaire
      • May 19th-21st Leo Carillo 
      • How many tickets have we sold?
      • How many campsites have we sold? 5 campers 2 RV
      • Deadpalates on the beach Saturday night
      • Homebrew Con San Diego Wed. June 21-Sat. June 24
        • Pub Crawl Wednesday
          • What time should it start?  2PM We’ll meet at one of the breweries
          • PG and Toaked will be joining us.  Others? A few Yeastsiders.  Maybe a Strand Brewer or two.
        • Club Night What equipment are we bringing down?
          • Should we put on any kind of special display?
          • Toaked asked if all LA area clubs could be in same general location.
            • We requested the same
        • Social Club
          • Signups are live on AHA site now, I’m guessing we want to pour
            • Club is signed up for Social
        • Other stuff
          • I think we’re signed up to host a hospitality suite and to participate in the blowout party at the end–Drew?
      • Collabs for the 50th anniversary
  • Summer Brewery Hop???
      • Do we still want to do one this year? Summer or Fall? Our Spring is quite busy…
      • Should it be a DTLA or Santa Clarita local train thing or bus tour somewhere a bit farther away? 
      • Activities to determine - what about Ventura? 
        • If we hire a bus (Rasta?) we could visit Bright Spark, Seaward, MadeWest, and Four Brix Winery - all within walking distance from each other. Poseidon is close but not close enough to walk…
        • Pacific Surfliner route: Ventura Coast, BellRinger, Leashless, MadeWest, Transmission, lots more options within walking distance!
        •   Shoot for July-August 

    4) Vice President

    • Mayfaire
      • Any items we need to address???? 
      • Jenna doing breakfast, coffee and water
      • Are we all set?
      • PreLims/PostLims -  Who can host and when?  Tell me your judges and I’ll tell you the tables you can do.
      • We need a list of the sponsors so we can thank them. 
        • Geoff has received beers from Fig Mountain and cleaning tablets from PBW
      • Table cards? Do we need to make some? YES
      • Who is going to bring Ice? Cups? Forms? Bread?  Dump buckets?  Beers on Friday?  Water?  Breakfast supplies?  See Drew’s checklist for competition supplies needed.
        • Geoff can grab ~5 coolers of beer and any swag that has arrived on Friday
      • Lunch–what are plans?
      • Stewards–do we have enough?  Any staying to help clean up afterwards?
        • Who is the head steward?
        • There are 6 stewards signed up,  Irene is the head steward.
      • Raffle of Swag
        • How do we allocate raffle tickets?  All judging sessions?  Only those in afternoon session?  Do stewards get raffle tickets? (John votes “Yes” and also on all sessions).
        • Do we bring swag to the judging site? of course!
        • Maybe we have two raffles, one at the site and one after so that all pre and post lim folks will be properly allocated and to get folks to do post lims.  The big prizes should be in the final raffle
      • Are all sponsors listed on the website?  Who will take care of that?
      • What time can we get in on Saturday?
        • Not sure about the absolute earliest but Lawless told me that we can use their parking lot and the rest of the parking will be on side streets. 

      5) Grand Hydro

      • What are we drinking- No May meeting.
      • Grand Hydro Comps:
        • July- Mexican Lager 
        • October-Imperial Stout
      • Happy Hour: 
        • Apr-28 Russian River - counts so far? Beer is being shipped to Tiff’s house & assembled in prep for Wednesday/Thursday PKE/shipping
      • AHA Classic Brews Idea
        • Who brews them?  Not much interest from board members in brewing them.
        • Does the club pay for ingredients?
        • Any interest in anyone brewing these recipes?  What styles were they anyway?  If one of them is Tom Wolf’s “Old Smokey” John will lead it.

      6) Webmaster

      • Email alias-What is the status. - Email Alias is something you set up on your own within gmail, we can’t do it for you. Actual separate email logins are never going to happen
      • What happened this past weekend with the membership? Do we have that fixed? See membership

      7) Art Director 

      • Thanks for the artwork for Mayfaire

      9) Membership

      • What are the numbers? 134 Dec -138 Jan - 134 Feb
      • Active Members: 130 active members
      • Renewals: What's the deal with Revoked memberships?  How did that happen? What did we do to ensure it won’t happen again?

      Shopify introduced new custom field types and are removing the old types. I was migrating our custom fields from the old to the new type when excel mangled the date formatting and I did not notice. It should not happen again because there is no need to export and re-import all the membership dates now that the migration is complete. However, I will add failsafe to the expiration date checking script to abort if the format does not match what is expected.

      • New Members: 1 new member since last meeting and 5 total this year (2023)
      • Auto subscriptions: 42 active subscriptions
      • Any new discounts? No - but an opportunity to get more is when we chat with Ventura breweries next month about the tour

      10) Publicity

      • We need to find someone for the role. – Jamie is interested in helping. We should invite him to the next board meeting.

      What do we need to advertise??

      • What are the actual duties of a Publicity director?
      Section 5. Public Relations Director 
      The duties of the Public Relations Director shall be as follows: 
       a. To promote the Maltose Falcons Home Brewing Society to the media and the public at large. 
       b. To maintain a scrapbook of the Society's history and events, including, but not limited to, photographs. 
       c. To assist in club publications, including, but not limited to, newsletters, posters, flyers, etc.
      To encourage and coordinate the monthly club shop brewing sessions, including finding brew masters, brewers and brewing times.

      • Shop Brews
        • May- Thank you Gavin for leading the shop brew. Date?
        • June? Who wants to lead?

      11) Newsletter

      • Deadline for submission: May 15
      • Ideas: Mayfair judging, Russian River happy hour, SCHF, Mayfair Festival, Homebrew Con, recipes from winners of recent club competitions 

      12) Burger Meister

    • Pot luck for June

    • 13) Secretary

      • Anything new?
      • The secretary is supposed to publish club meeting minutes.  Newsletter?  Website?  
        • John been sending it Q, Drew, and Ian
        • Any point?  Just leave it in Docs and if people want it they can see it?

      14) Other business?

      • Continue organizing the club house, let’s make it look nice for our guests.  What can we throw away?
      • Long, narrow shed for competition ice chests. On hold.  Tarps for now.-Status?
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