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Board Meeting Minutes December 2023

Board Meeting Minutes December 2023

December 19th, 2023

Clubhouse and on Zoom

1) Next board meeting date and location?

  • Next board meeting?  Jan 23
  • Next club meeting - Jan 7th 

2) Treasurer’s Report

  • Bank:
  • PayPal:

3) Activities

Any new ideas for this coming year?

  • SCHF - 50th Anniversary edition:
    • Google doc has been created and beers are getting planned out. Let’s keep looking for volunteers. 
  • 5 beers have been brewed.
  • 5 beers are committed and yet to be brewed.
  • Let’s keep reaching out to members for interested.

50th Anniversary SCHF "Classics" Bar

Drew, can you send out a Survey Monkey question to gauge interest in camping and/or cabins at SCHBF?

  • Stuffed Sandwich Recap 

How did it go? Double Bastard was the mystery beer

  • Mayfaire- Camping- have we made reservations?  Is this the same as the Kern River Fundraiser? No.

MB’s Casino Night:

  • Saturday Jan 20th $35 @ MB’s 6PM
  • Tickets limited to 30- 7 Tickets sold, 23 remain.

4) Vice President

  • DKM- Jan 27th @ Macleods
    • Competition site is up- currently 37 entries 23 paid
    • Are we set for the 27th?   Ilan and/or Geoff to get BOS medal for DKM.  Ed taking inventory of the medals on 12/20
  • Mayfaire  April 13 @ Santa Monica Breworks
    • Timeline:  Now set for Sponsors Engaged (Nov 13)             Graphics Designed (Dec 6)  Competition Website Initialized (Dec 30)              Register with AHA (Jan 6)      Marketing Launch (Jan 6)             Email to previous entrants (Jan 11)         Judge Registration (Jan 30)          Entree Registration  (Feb 13)
    • John to contact Nicolai
    • Ed to get Dana to put it on the website
    • Correct Date is April 20

5) Grand Hydro

  • What are we drinking- for Jan?
  • Grand Hydro Comps:
    • January - Steam Beer
    • April - Pale Ale
  • Happy Hour: 
  • When is the next one? Not scheduled
  • Next – Jan 19th 
  • No others planned.?
  • 100 is either February or March depending on if we count the 2020 SS Holiday Tasting
    • March might be easier to make a journey to a brewery.
  • Can we get good non-local breweries involved? Especially if Falcons connections. Like Sierra Nevada, Alesmith, Bell Brewing. Gravity Heights, Fanatic Brewing 
    • Yes, board said yes
    • Drew has approached North Park Beer Co. - Might be in for February, but hard to get an answer from them

6) Webmaster

  • Anything new? 

7) Art Director 

  • Anything new?

8) Membership

  • What are the numbers? 137 

Last month’s numbers 139 Now-130

  • Active Members: 
  • New Members:  
  • Auto subscriptions: 
  • Any new discounts? – None

9) Publicity 

  • Shop Brews
    • January? Volunteers? None
    • March–Jenna to lead Lady Brew day.  Possibly at Naughty Pines.
    • Need to get with Gavin/Roger, order new solenoid for middle burner.
  • Press Kit WIP
    • First Draft: Coming Soon
    • Need some art hosted with press kit - do we have a repository somewhere?
    • Club Photos? High Quality
    • Can Host Photos / Logos in Google Drive?

10) Newsletter

  • Deadline for submission: 
  • Ideas for content:
    • Featured recipes.
    • Upcoming events and competition

11) Burger Meister

  • What’s for lunch-Mayfaire?
  • What’s for lunch-club meeting?

12) Secretary

  • Anything new?
    • Yes, John will be out of town most of January 

13) Other business?

  • How else should we raise money for the 50th party?  Mayfaire sponsors
  • Homebrew equipment yard sale!!  Did we ever do anything about Chris Rockwell’s System?  No.
  • Conference “Puck” for better zoom calls (Board, Club Meetings)
  • We need to organize and sort out the totes that are in the rear of the clubhouse. Mid to end of October.  Clubhouse cleanup date Dec 29 11 AM
  • Beanie Bar / now Nicolai Bar / soon Roger Bar–what do we do with it?


50th anniversary–Jenna and Tiffany to scout out Four Points banquet room


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