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2004 February - AHA Commemorative Brew - Double Down Double IPA

2004 February - AHA Commemorative Brew - Double Down Double IPA

This beer was brewed for the 2004 AHA Conference in Vegas as one of 3 beers (SNAFU, QUAFF, us) and a mead (SNAFU) presented to the attendees. The recipe is based on a previous beer brewed by myself (Drew Beechum) and Jim Kopitzke - the Double Trouble IPA. Since this brew is intended to represent the club the recipe was presented to the club for comments. Great comments were collected from everyone, but in particular there should be callouts to MB Raines, Ken Rhude, John Aitchison, Jim Moorman and John Aitchison. The hopping schedule on this beer seems utterly absurd, but it was spurred by some comments that MB made when I came to the conclusion that I wanted a balanced hop character. To see the logic behind the hopping schedule check out the Hop articles on the tech section of the website. Cullen Davis whipped up a great label and homage to Ralph Steadman. Check it out! The beer was bottled up by a six man team who managed to bottle up 400 bottles in 2.5 hours. Thanks to Steve Cook, George Mahoney, Don Knott, Kent Fletcher and Don Knott for their bottle donations. The intrepid bottling team consisted of Matt Udall, Kent Fletcher, Cullen Davis, Steve Cook, Jim Kopitzke, Jay Babchuk and myself. Special thanks to Kent Fletcher for taking care of the ferments and providing a great bottling setup
Brewed By: Kent Fletcher, Jim Kopitzke, Cullen Davis, Drew Beechum, Jim Moorman, MB Raines
Brew Date: 02/01/2004
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