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Falcons' Talon IPA Competition with Eagle Rock!

Falcons' Talon IPA Competition with Eagle Rock!

You know what we haven't done in a while? Homebrewed a professional beer. In that vein, we're partnering with our friends at Eagle Rock Brewing for the Falcons' Talon IPA Competition. The rules are simple - before the August meeting, you will need to brew IPAs in the styles listed below. You can enter one in each style. 

We'll taste them blindly at the August meeting with full commentary from the gathered crowd. The winners in each style will go head to head with the winner getting a chance to brew with the Eagle Rock crew. 

Get brewing you bird brains!.

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This is an internal Falcons competition!The winning brewer will have the opportunity to brew with Eagle Rock Brewing.

There are two categories available for entry - a brewer can submit one entry in each.

The categories will be:

  • West Coast IPA - Pale, bright, clear, bitter and redolent with citrusy and piney hops. Focus is on hop bite and dank, citrusy hop nose. The beer should have some malt presence with a minimal, if any, amount of crystal malts. ABV 6-7.5%. BU:GU Ratio should be greater than or equal to 1.
  • "New School" West Coast IPA - Pale, very clear, less bitter than West Coast IPA. Again, very pale beer - minimal crystal, if any. Hop presentation focuses more on new bright tropical hops. Think fruit salad with mangoes, papayas, pineapples, etc. This style is emerging in the commercial world, but effectively marries the hop punch focus of a Hazy IPA with more bitterness and brilliant clarity. While the bitterness is less aggressive than a traditional WC IPA, it is not "low"

Beers will be judged at the August 7th Members Meeting in a Blind Format. Attendees will vote for their favorites in each sub category. Top beers in each will then be pitted against each other in a "Best of Show" format with the champion crowned to work in conjunction with Eagle Rock to brew a beer. (Recipe maybe modified with ERB to fit their system, ingredient availability, business needs)

Entrants must be a currently active member of the club. Entrants will need to bring enough packaged beer (in bottles, cans, growlers or draft, etc) to present samples to attendees.

The entry must be a straight IPA - no fruits, no lactose, etc. Grain adjuncts and sugar is acceptable.

All entrants will receive a prize pack of goodies. Runner-up will receive additional prizes.

There is No Entry Fee


Questions - Email Drew -


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