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1 year's membership (lifetime also available) to the Maltose Falcons Homebrewing Society and all the benefits you receive within including discounts to many beer-related establishments including our very own Home Beer, Wine, & Cheese Making shop.

Interested in a Lifetime Membership?

Maltose Falcons 4 Life! Your lifetime membership covers you for the rest of your natural born life. If you should happen to discover an elixir of eternal youth, share it with us and keep on being a member. Otherwise, the usual sort of disclaimers abound - the membership applies to you and you alone and cannot be passed on like an inheritance or title or some such.

Discount List:

  • Brewyard Beer Company (Glendale) 10% off beverages
  • Ciao Cristina  (Burbank) - 10% off food and beverage
  • Institution Ale Co. (Camarillo) 10% off beverages
  • HandMade Brewing - 10% discount.
  • Home Beer, Wine, & Cheese Making Shop - 10%
  • Hop Merchants Bottle Shop  (North Hollywood) - 10% off beverages
  • LadyFace Ale  (Agoura Hills) 10% off food and beverage 
  • Macleod Ale  (Van Nuys) 20% off beverages
  • MadeWest 30% off
  • Tavern Service (Northridge) 10% on everything (except kegs)
  • Vendome  (Toluca Lake) 15% off beer

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