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Watermelon & Mint Sparkling Fresca

Watermelon & Mint Sparkling Fresca

For the fifth annual LA Beer Week Festival, Cullen and Drew of the Falcons and Kip Barnes of LA Ale Works, poured a collection of sodas for the crowd as palate restoratives. This was Drew's based on a classic Agua Fresca.
Brewed By: Drew Beechum
Brew Date: 09/21/2013
Brew Type: Other
Beer Styles: Soda
Classic Style: Agua Fresca
Recipe Category: Wacky
Batch Size: 3.3 gallons
Boil Time: 0 minutes
ABV: 0.0% ABV

1.5 gallons Watermelon Juice (2 15-17lb watermelons, juiced with a electric juicer)
1.5 gallons Filtered Water
2 cups Water
2 cups Sugar
1 bunch mint, lightly crushed in hand
1 tsp Salt
1/2 cup Lime Juice
1 lemon, juiced

Special Instructions / Notes: 

Juice the watermelon and allow to settle, remove the foam and decant off the fiber. Don't juice the rind!

Mix with cold filtered water. Boil the sugar and water together to make a simple syrup. After 10 minutes boiling, turn off the heat, toss in the mint and salt. Cool to room temp. Strain the syrup and add to the keg with the lime and lemon juices.

Chill overnight and force carbonate at 30 psi for 10 minutes of shaking.

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