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The Earl of Denbigh's Metheglin

The Earl of Denbigh's Metheglin

For all the mead makers out there! This is a historical recipe taken from a 1500's source. The recipe is verbatim from the book. Notice how the author determines gravity, by the must floating an egg!!! The book has been used for historical research in brewing and cookery. The book is available for downloading at Project Guttenberg ( Title: The Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby Knight Opened
Brew Date: 04/25/2011
Brew Type: Other
Beer Styles: Metheglin
Recipe Category: Personal Brew

Take twenty Gallons of Spring-water; boil it a quarter of an hour, and let it stand, until it be all most cold; then beat in so much honey, as will make it so strong as to bear an Egg, so that on the Top, you may see the breadth of a hasel-nut swimming above; The next day boil it up with six small handfuls of Rosemary; a pound and a half of Ginger, being scraped and bruised; then take the whites of twenty Eggs shells and all; beat them very well, and put them in to clarifie it; skim it very clean, then take it off the fire and strain: But put the Rosemary and Ginger in again: then let it remain till it be all most cold: then Tun it up, and take some New-ale-yest; the whites of two Eggs, a spoonful of flower, and beat them well together, and put them into the barrel; when it hath wrought very well, stop it very close for three weeks or a month: then bottle it, and a week after you may drink it.

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