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Tangerine Tupelo Melomel

Tangerine Tupelo Melomel

Wanted to brew a semi-sweet mead, using Tupelo honey and tangerine juice. We have a mature tangerine tree in our back yard, and it is prolific. Last year we couldn't keep up with the fruit, so I juiced and froze a bunch: ten pounds of juice. It measured 17 brix on my refractometer. Finally got around to making the mead this month. It fermented almost 3 weeks in primary, at 65F, and is now ready to rack to secondary. I tasted it, and it tastes like high octane Tang! It is a cloudy, pale orange in color now, but should clear nicely after I ignore it for 6 months in secondary. There's both tangerine and honey aromatics a plenty right now.
Brewed By: Rich, with help from Old Jim
Brew Date: 02/01/2014
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