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Izzy's Wheat Wine

Izzy's Wheat Wine

Every year on my birthday I brew up a Barley-wine, but then have to wait several months to drink it, way after my birthday. So, this year I brewed a Wheat-wine (Barley-wine with a large proportion of wheat) six months before the date to make sure it was done in time. It was done nice and early…too bad it didn’t last! I heard the term “Wheat Wine” thrown around, so I did some research on the topic/style. The best resource I found was “Brewing with Wheat” by Stan Hieronymus. Chapter 11 is entirely on the subject, and titled Two Recipes for Wheat Wine (pgs. 141-145). It’s a fun “Style” in progress, so feel free to do what you want with the recipe: Ferment with any yeast or different types of Wheat Malt… Also, Wheat-wines will age differently and quicker then normal barley-wines… probably because of the wheat!
Brewed By: Israel Arrieta
Brew Date: 10/07/2010
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