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Maltose Falcons Board Meeting Minutes

Date: 8/24/2021

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Ilan’s Rooftop/Zoom*

In Attendance:

Ilan (President)

Drew (Grand Hydrometer and Webmaster)*

Jeff (Activities)

Robert (Activities)*

Ed (VP and Competitions)

Eric (VP and Competitions)

Gavin (Secretary)

Rick (Membership)*

Quinlan (Publicity)

Nicolai (Publicity)

Jenna (Burgermeister)

Ian (Newsletter)*

Not Present:

Tiffany (Treasurer)

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday September 21, 2021 at 7:00 P.M., location TBD.




Oktoberfest: October 23
Club will try to break even but might be a loss @$25 / head.
Quin is going to put up a for sale ticket on the website. 

Lake Arrowhead: Sept 11
Website has keg sign-ups posted.

Ilan working with Transplants for Dec/Jan
Publicity to take on others, including Highland Park, and LBBL



Mayfaire: Medals were out in record time. This year we did a hybrid of pdfs on laptops and scanned paper. Ed did not get pdfs from some judges. Ed is waiting for Craig W to make the bird. 

Doug King: We need to come up with guidelines by Nov

Coolers: No update.

Romancing the Beer: No Update

Wall plaques: No update.

Grand Hydro:

Drew to talk to Franny@ LA Brewers Guild about the new LA homebrew competition she announced last year.

Club brewing rig needs the mash tun thermal probe replaced.

Next meeting GH topic: Drew to offload his Bigfoot collection. Drew has asked for a 12:00 noon start.
Oher GH topic: Guest speaker J Perez.


127 members 

Quin is working on tags in order to filter customers by specific attributes..

Drew has turned off the old website, which has stopped sending out emails. (Members were still buying membership on the old website until today)


The next Club meeting is scheduled for Sunday, Sept 19 at McLeods

Drew and Ilan have a stash of yeast from Lance at Omega. The club will assign member brews, that will have to be ready in time for Oktoberfest.
Yeasts include Cosmic Punch, Oktoberfest, Gulo Ale, Mexican Lager, Lutra Kweik
Tiffany is expecting the yeasts soon - Ilan already has the Cosmic Punch

Jeff requested a cover for the club bar trailer (with 20 taps.) Purchase was  approved.

Club House upgrades: No update


Deadline for the next newsletter is September 3.

Next newsletter will promote: online videos in members-only area.


Merch: a large amount of on-demand merchandise has been posted for purchase.

Website: get free keg links will be reposted

Tiffany regular column suggestion: Drew liked the idea, but was in agreement that we should not solicit entries from breweries, but rather have members nominate beers each month, within a chosen category.

Happy Hours:

Upcoming: 1st Friday of Sept 3: Angry Horse followed by Casa Agria two weeks later.

We will aim for every two or three weeks going forward.

Hen House and Silva are also in the lineup.

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