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Keg Hopping

 For those about to hop…..

     Pale Ales, IPA, Imperial IPA and any other beer that you want to have that great nose and aroma of hops can be done in secondary fermentation. The problem is most brewers use a glass carboy for the secondary. The difficulty has always been how to get the hops in the carboy and the beer out of the carboy. The hops need to be in a bag or they can clog the racking cane. The Phantom Brewer no longer suffers from this affliction. The Phantom Brewer found the Sure Screen. The Sure Screen is a stainless steel mesh screen that attaches to the bottom of the racking cane. You can add whole hops to the secondary and after two weeks or so use the Sure Screen and rack off the hoppy beer. The screen holds the hops in and lets the beer out.

     An additional use for the Sure Screen is to install it on the bottom of the output tube of a corny keg. You can then freely add whole hops right into the keg. This makes for a very hoppy beer, perfect for the Imperial IPA everyone loves. One warning, USE WHOLE HOPS, You can clog the screen with pellets. I have installed the screen on my racking cane and two kegs. I no longer fear

     Got tips and/or tricks?


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