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Mayfaire 2023 - Results released!

Draining Carboys Fast

TPB brings you two tips this month, both to help you get those carboys empty quick by avoiding the glugs. Those pressure equalizing bubbles of air slow down the voiding of liquid. So to speed up the flow, you must provide air to the interior of the carboy.

The Racking Cane 
    – This is the classic alternate use of everyone’s racking cane. Just place and hold the racking cane while you invert the carboy. Move the racking cane so that it’s open in the air bubble at the inverted base and watch the water gush.
The Vortex 
    – The old standby frat party trick, the swirl can help you out here. If you have a carboy stand, it’s even safe. Place the carboy in its stand and start rotating it quickly. Get the liquid moving quickly and then stop the carboy. The liquid will keep swirling and soon a vortex shooting air into the carboy should appear. (This can also be done by holding the carboy in your arms and rolling the liquid, but be careful and don’t drop the carboy!)


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