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Wee Heavy, no sparge and 60 shilling small beer

This was my first brew on the old shop system. I had experimented with different historical techniques. Most of my inspiration was from Cindy Renfrow's book "A Sip Through Time" and several "Brewing Techniques" magazine articles. My initial calculations suggest I was going to get a smaller second runnings beer, but was pleasantly surprised to get two substantial beers. This is an ancient technique whee the brewer can obtain multiple beers from the same grain, thus conserving resources. For additional resources, please use the link below: http://www.brewingtechniques.com/library/backissues/issue2.2/mosher.html
Brewed By: 
Mark Poliner
Brew Date: 
Brew Type: 
Classic Style: 
Strong Scottish
Recipe Category: 
Batch Size: 
5.0 gallons
Boil Time: 
60 minutes
Original Gravity: 
1.072 O.G.
Final Gravity: 
1.020 F.G.
6.9% ABV
19.0 IBUs
27.0 SRM

17# ESB malt
13# 2 row
.75# Aromatic
.75 Crystal 90L
.5# wheat malt
.75# Chocolate
.75# Biscuit malt

Mashing Instructions: 

Mash 152 degrees for 60 minutes, using 1 1/2 quarts of water/pound of malt. Mash out at 165 and collect first runnings.


.75 oz East Kent Goldings (4.75 AA) 60 minutes
.25 oz Fuggles 20 minutes

Extra Ingredients: 

Irish Moss 1 tsp.


White Labs WLP028

Special Instructions / Notes: 

Collect only first runnings from the mash. Add enough water in the boil kettle to bring the total volume to 6.5 gallons. Boil 60 minutes.

Add additional mash water and mash again for 20 minutes. Collect the second runnings to make a 60 shilling beer. Use the same hopping, and yeast additions, and boil 60 minutes.

For both beers, ferment at 65 degrees.

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