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Hippie Old Ale

First runnings of a classic parti-gyle style brew session
Brewed By: 
Cullen Davis, Jim Kopitzke, Drew Beechum
Brew Date: 
Brew Type: 
Beer Styles: 
Recipe Category: 
Batch Size: 
5.0 gallons
Boil Time: 
90 minutes
Original Gravity: 
1.080 O.G.
42.0 IBUs
15.8 SRM

23.0 lbs Maris Otter
3.0 lbs British Crystal 75L
0.5 lbs Cullen's Roast Malt Blend
8.0 oz Dark Treacle Syrup

Mashing Instructions: 

Mash In at 154 for 60 minutes


2.0 oz Wye Target Pellet 11.0% AA 60 minutes
1.5 oz Wye Target Pellet 11.0% AA 15 minutes
2.0 oz Fuggle Pellet 5.0% AA 0 minutes


Wyeast 1318 London Ale III

Special Instructions / Notes: 

Parti-Gyle Batch. First runnings only into boil kettle.
Treacle was added during the boil of the old ale only.
Second Runnings (~7 gallons) collected to make Fuddy Duddy Mild
For an article on how to brew/calculate parti-gyle beers check here

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