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Glen Heather Scottish Export

I got the idea for this beer after reading the book Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers, and the Scottish heather beer Froach. This beer is malty with a pleasing bitterness, and a spicy/fruity floral aroma from the dried heather flowers. It is one of the favorites I rotate on tap at home.
Brewed By: 
Diane Van Wagner
Brew Date: 
Brew Type: 
Recipe Category: 
Batch Size: 
6.5 gallons
Boil Time: 
90 minutes
Original Gravity: 
1.057 O.G.
Final Gravity: 
1.012 F.G.
5.9% ABV
12.8 IBUs
10.8 SRM

9.5 lbs. Marris Otter
.75 lbs. Bisquit
1.25 lbs. Crystal 55L
1 lb. Carapils

Mashing Instructions: 

Mash at 153 degrees for 60.mins. Use 1 qt. of water per pound of grain for the mash as this needs to be fairly thick.


.70 ozs. Fuggles pellets 5.3% AA 60 mins.

Extra Ingredients: 

1 tsp. Calcium carbonate at start of boil
1 tsp. Irish moss 20 mins.
1 cup Dried heather flowers 15 mins.
1 cup Dried heather flowers 0 mins.


Wyeast 1728 Scottish Strong Ale
Do make a yeast starter.

Special Instructions / Notes: 

Put the dried heather flowers in hop bags to contain the very small pieces for a cleaner beer.
Ferment at 65 to 68 degrees.
You can also "dry heather" in secondary with another cup of heather in a hop bag for a more intense heather aroma and flavor.

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