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Fat Cat Sweet Stout

Back around Memorial Day, I lost my one of my big fat silver blue sweetheart of a cat, Mark. In his honor, I whipped up this recipe
Brewed By: 
Drew Beechum
Brew Date: 
Brew Type: 
Classic Style: 
Sweet Stout (Embiggened)
Recipe Category: 
Batch Size: 
11.0 gallons
Boil Time: 
90 minutes
Original Gravity: 
1.066 O.G.
7.1% ABV
35.0 IBUs
34.0 SRM

13.0 lbs Maris Otter 9.0 lbs Domestic 2-Row 1.5 lbs Roasted Barley 1.5 lbs Flaked Barley 1.5 lbs Flaked Oats 1.0 lbs Scottish Crystal 40L 1.0 lbs Weyermann CaraAroma 1.0 lbs Pale Chocolate Malt 0.5 lbs Carafa II 1.5 lbs Lactose

Mashing Instructions: 

60 minutes at 151F


1.25 oz Target 11.5% 60 minutes 1.00 oz Progress 8.1% 60 minutes

Extra Ingredients: 

1 tablet Whirlfloc 2 tsp Calcium Carbonate


Wyeast 1882 Thames Valley II WLP005 British Ale

Special Instructions / Notes: 

Chill to 65F and pitch (one yeast into each portion) May add vanilla and cacao nibs to one portion Note: If you're comparing this recipe version to the one in BeerAdvocate, please note a number of changes due to not having the ingredients on hand when it came time for brew day. :)

One portion got a dose of "Cacao Extract" that I created by soaking 2 oz of cacao nibs in 6 oz of vodka. Let that sit for 4 days and then strained it and froze it for a day. Strain again and ended up with a brilliantly clean extract -but only about 3 oz worth! All 3, right into a 5 gallon portion!

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