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Cordesbrau German Pilsner

This is a recipe that I've been working on for a few years now with only minor tweaks between batches. This particular recipe was used during the Brew with a Falcon event at my place on 3/22/2015.
Brewed By: 
Dana, Royston, Marco, Dave Uhl, Tom S, Eric and Jerry
Brew Date: 
Brew Type: 
Beer Styles: 
Classic Style: 
Recipe Category: 
Batch Size: 
11.0 gallons
Boil Time: 
90 minutes
Original Gravity: 
1.058 O.G.
Final Gravity: 
1.013 F.G.
6.0% ABV
37.0 IBUs
4.6 SRM

22.5 lb - German - Pilsner (92.8%)
1 lb - German - Carapils (4.1%)
0.75 lb - German - Melanoidin (3.1%)

Mashing Instructions: 

Strike in to mash temp. of 134F. Wait 5 minutes. Pull (thick) decoction of ~3.5 gallons. Heat to 156F, rest for 10 min. Heat to boiling. Boil for 5 min. Return decoction to mash for rest at ~156F for 20 min.

Our temps were a off.  Strike temp went high, single decoction overshot the 156 by about 10-15F, and after re-infusion temps were still high, so re-circulated and then temps fell too low.  Pulled out ~1.5G of wort and boiled and re-added to bump temp up.  Was still low, but in the range, ~142F.  This is gonna come out /dry/.


2.3 oz - Perle, Type: Pellet, AA: 8, Use: Boil for 60 min, IBU: 32.28
1.3 oz - Hallertau, Type: Pellet, AA: 4, Use: Boil for 15 min, IBU: 4.53
1 oz - Hallertau, Type: Pellet, AA: 4, Use: Boil for 0 min

Extra Ingredients: 

Munich water profile built up from mostly RO with just a few gallons of filtered water.


I prefer White Labs, but used White Labs 2124 Bohemian Lager yeast.  Two packs in a 5L starter, spun on a stir plate for ~2 days, then decanted.

Special Instructions / Notes: 
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