Thanks to Jay Ankeney for writing such a great article about our Falcons Happy Hour in the May/June edition of Zymurgy magazine. 

Read the Article (AHA Members / Non-AHA Members)

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November Club Shop Brew - Adambier with John A

Falcons, sign up now for the November Club Shop Brew Session as Board Member John Aitchison leads the crew in brewing an Adambier. Get ready for some deep knowledge, technique and be ready to wait for a looooonnng fermentation for this huge beer. How many decoctions do you think John will attempt??

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2016 Stuffed Sandwich Holiday Tasting Event

Calling all Falcons! You are cordially invited to a unique tasting of hard to find seasonal and vintage beers at the world famous Stuffed Sandwich in San Gabriel, CA on Saturday, December 10th, 2016!

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November Member Meeting!

Come join the club for our November meeting!

We'll have food!

We'll have beer!

We'll have Troubleshooter's Corner and whatever silliness we can make.

Bring a six pack, growler or keg to share!

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Stone Anniversary Event


NOVEMBER 10TH, 11am-Close





Come out and spend a Day drinking remakes of some of the best Stone Anniversary beers ever created!

More beers to be added!

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Building a DIY Randall 3.0

Detailed DIY write-up on how to build a two chamber Randall 3.0.



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Pizza Port Tap Takeover

Beers will be available starting at 11am !
(Limited Supplies on ALL Beers)
This is an event not to be missed by any beer lover!
Live MUSIC at 7:30pm
Tap List:
Graveyard’s Pale Ale
Sharkbite Red Ale

Pick Six Pilsner
Grandview Golden Ale
El Fuerte DIPA 8.2 % (Tropical DIPA)
Drip Tide Porter BA Coffee Porter 7%
Surprise Specialty

398 N. Moorpark Rd.
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
(In the Best Buy Plaza, next to Total Wine)

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Brews and News October 2016

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One last newsletter from Andy...

See you all at Oktoberfest tomorrow!

October Club Shop Brew Session - Big Ass Holiday Ale with Kent

Falcons, sign up now for the October Club Shop Brew Session as Board Member and original "Brewgyver" Kent Fletcher leads the crew in brewing a Big Ass Holiday Ale that you will have ready just in time to be sipping by the fireplace as chestnuts roast this winter. There's no single type of Holiday Ale, but they tend to be dark, high gravity, complex, warming, and malty brews, often with spices added. Notable examplars include Anchor Brewing's "Our Special Ale" (Christmas Ale), and Sierra Nevada's Celebration Holiday Ale. 


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Keg Sign-up For Oktoberfest

All right everyone!

If you're coming to the party (and you better be) - tell us in the comments what you're bringing! 

Pacific Brewers Cup needs judges

If you can judge on Oct. 24, the Long Beach Homebrewers can use the help.  There is a morning session only.  All the contact information can be found at http://www.longbeachhomebrewers.com/comp/.

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September 2016 Brews & News!

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Summer's end means brewing weather ahead!

Election time! Run Run Run Mighty Falcons!

Hey Falcons, old and new, having served on the board, I can tell you that it is a good experience. Now it is your turn to shine!!

September Club Meeting!

Sunday September 11th - Join us for our monthly membership meeting.  All are welcome!

The meeting starts at 11:00 am, with introductions and general business. The Grand Hydro (John Aitchison standing in for Drew as he'll be in dispose at work - 1st NFL Sunday of the season) will present the style of the month ""other than Belgian sours" (Brett beers, Gose, Berliner Weiss, barrel aged--stuff like that) and provide liquid examples. Remember to bring your own tasting glass and your homebrew to share and for review by your peers.

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August Club Shop Brew Session - Black IPA with Ed!

Falcons, sign up now for the August Club Shop Brew Session as Board Member Ed Kochanowski leads the crew in brewing a Black IPA, that style you hate to love or love to hate. Cascadian Dark Ale? American Style Black Ale? Who cares! Either way, you know it will be deeply, darkly hoppy! Black IPA is a beer with the dryness, hop-forward balance, and flavor characteristics of an American IPA, only darker in color – but without strongly roasted or burnt flavors. The flavor of darker malts is gentle and supportive, not a major flavor component. 

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Annual Strand Brewers "BBBB" Bike ride

Hey Falcons,

The Strand Brewers would like to invite you to ride along on our August BBBB “Beach Bar Bike Bash” along the South Bay Bike path.

On Saturday, August 27, we’ll start at Simmzy’s on the Manhattan Beach pier and work our way through some of the finest beer venues the South Bay has to offer.

Bring lots of sun block and good specs. The scenery is awesome!

For more details, contact long time Falcons member Jay Ankeney at jayankeney@mac.com

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August 2016 Brews & News

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Special thanks to Craig Shapland and Matt Myerhoff for contributing to this month's issue.


Time for our annual Maltose Falcons party!  Last year's party was so fun & location so convenient that we booked the DAV again! We're returning to the DAV in Woodland Hills to celebrate one of the most epic holidays ever - Oktoberfest!  You may remember cooling off in their pool, playing yard games, eating amazing bites made by our Burgermeister, and drinking some of the best beers us Falcons brew & save just for this very event. It was an awesome party & the DAV is welcoming us back!

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Member Meeting- July 2016

Club Meeting

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Location: Home Beer & Cheese Making Shop


Agenda Topics

  1. Grand Hydro: Alternative Fermentation

    1. Angry Orchard Hard Cider - 5.5% abv

    2. Puloque - 5% abv

    3. Russian River Valley Chardonnay - 13.8% abv

    4. Momo Kawa Pearl Saki - 18% abv

    5. Kombucha Boochcraft - 7% abv

  2. New People, Welcome!!  

Rails to Grails: A Review of the 2016 L.A. Beer Week Kickoff Festival

For a beer enthusiast like me, there's nothing better than a rip-roaring beer festival featuring lots of different beers to taste. The 2016 L.A. Beer Week Kickoff Festival, organized by the Los Angeles Brewers Guild and held at the L.A. Center Studios on June 18, certainly qualifies as that kind of “holy grail” for me – and after all, the grail in some references is a drinking vessel. Since I rode the rails in the form of the MTA's light-rail Expo line to get there, you can see how my title for this article came about.

July Club Shop Brew Session - Belgian Wit Bier with Matt and Andy!

Falcons, sign up now for the July Club Shop Brew Session as Board Members Matt and Andy lead the crew in brewing a Belgian Witbier, your ultimate warm-fermenting, cool-drinking summer brew, on Sunday, July 31! 

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July Brews & News - Beer is in the Air

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Hey Falcons, I don't know about you, but my June was full of a bunch of great local beer. The 8th LA
Beer Week was another huge success, we had an incredible mead and honey presentation at the
meeting, and some pretty great drinking weather to boot. Don't forget the July meeting is 11am on
the 10th, and the Grand Hydro will be featuring alternative fermentations. Also, this meeting is a
potluck, so make sure to signup to bring a dish to share (if you do, lunch is free). And of course I

Canned Food Drive at Sunday's Meeting

Falcons - Please bring in canned food to this Sunday's club meeting to benefit struggling families served by MEND! Falcons, as you know, our cup runeth over (a lot), so we have begun to incorporate charitable giving into our club activities, by raising funds to donate to worthy local causes, and by pouring home brewed beer and soda at events to support causes.

For years, we have held a toy drive to support the Firefighters' Spark of Love to benefit at-risk and needy kids, and last year, we donated to Friends of the L.A. River and Ojai Raptor Center.

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Member Meeting Notes- June 2016

Club Meeting

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Location: Home Beer & Cheese Making Shop


Agenda Topics

  1. Grand Hydro: Mead

    1. Guest speaker: Roger Taylor spoke to us about his beekeeping duties

    2. John presented several varieties of his homebrewed Meads

      1. Rabbit Blossom 14%

      2. BlackBerry Blossom 12%

      3. Moonlight red dress 12%

      4. Pyment 12%

      5. Kurt's Apple Pie 12%

      6. Tej 12%

    3. Crowd favorite: MEAD

June 2016 Board Meeting Notes

Board Meeting

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Location: Home Beer & Cheese Making Shop

Attendees: Cullen, Drew, Tiffany, Andy, Ed, Kent, Craig, Matt & Lili


  1. Next meeting date and location?

    1. Member meeting: July 10th at the shop

    2. Board meeting: July 19th. Need to run the date with John to make sure it's ok!

    3. No August Member meeting

  2. Treasurer’s Report

    1. Usual Financial info: Plenty of money!

BBQ weather is upon us again... Time for lunch!

'sup Falcons. Since we all live in Hel-lay and since it's been crazy hot lately I am beyond fatiqued and shall not be making a lunch for the next member's meeting (July 10th). But don't you fret dearies. We are ALL making lunch. Yeeeup. Potluck kiddos! 

I will make a big pot of vegan sloppy joes (yes vegan get over it) but the remainder of the meal is up to you lovelies. 

Please let me know what you can bring to the meeting. Bring enough for at least 15+ servings so everyone can have a taste. 

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June 2016

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Better late than never, your June Newsletter is here!

July Club Meeting - Pot Luck & Alternative Fermentation!

Sunday July 10th - Join us for our monthly membership meeting.  All are welcome!

The meeting starts at 11:00 am, with introductions and general business. The Grand Hydro - Drew - will present the style of the month "Alternative Fermentation" and provide liquid examples. Remember to bring your own tasting glass and your homebrew to share and for review by your peers.

Then we'll move on to our lunch - POTLUCK!  If you would like to bring a dish to pass, please comment below or on the Facebook event invite so the Burgermeister can organize the line up.

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Upcoming Events

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