Club Meeting Minutes- November 2015

Members Meeting

Date: Sunday, November 1st

Location: Home Beer & Cheese Making Shop


Agenda Topics

  1. Grand Hydro: Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

    1. Ballast Point- Calm Before The Storm Cream Ale with coffee and vanilla, 5.5% from San Diego, CA.

    2. Flat Tail- 6am Milk Stout with lactose and coffee, 6% from Corvallis, Oregon.

    3. Mikkeller Beer- Geek Oatmeal Stout brewed with coffee, 7.5% from Lervig Akitebry, Norway

Vegan & Nearly Gluten-free Pumpkin Stout Chocolate chip mini muffins

Just in time for Thanksgiving!!  And healthy too - you can definitely switch up the beer you use & regular glutenized flour :)  I used our Cocoa Espresso Stout on Nitro (if you want this homebrew recipe, let me know, its a goodie too!) 

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BJCP Mead Class and Exam

The Maltose Falcons will be conducting a series of mead classes in January.  The primary purposes are to teach people how to evaluate mead.  We will be teaching according the the BJCP style guidelines in preparation for a BJCP Mead Exam that will be held on Feb. 6.  There will be four classes on Tuesdays at 7 PM at the Home Beer and Wine Shop.  They will be on Jan. 5, Jan 12, Jan 19, and Jan 26.  We'll be serving dozens of different meads and going into detail on honey varietals, melomels, metheglins, and other meads.

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Hop Harvest Ale

For the September '15 shop brew session, I contacted a friend who had a small hop yard and he brought up a shipment of some dried and some freshly harvested hops to use for this brew. I created a recipe for a rich amber ale that uses these fresh hops in the finishing stages to maximize aroma contribution and because we didn't have lab numbers for alpha acids or cohumulone.
Brew Date: 
Brewed By: 
Cullen Davis and shop brew crew with Rafael Ramos, hop grower
Brew Type: 

Carrot Blossom Mead

Brew Date: 
Brewed By: 
John Aitchison
Brew Type: 

Draught's Ice Cream Beer Social

We will be featuring New Belgium and Ben & Jerry's New Collaboration Beer!!

Salted Caramel Brownie Ale

Complimentary scoop of Ben and Jerry's Salted Caramel Brownie Ale Ice Cream

with puchase of this rare limited beer!!

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Recaps Galore!

v. 41
i. 6
Newsletter Date: 

Your November Newsletter is here!

Brand Spanking New Podcast!

Yesterday, Denny Conn and I debuted our brand spanking new podcast - Experimental Brewing with Denny and Drew!

Go give it a listen today! 

November 2015 Club Shop Brew Session - Fletch's Big Holiday Ale!

Falcons, sign up now for the November Club Shop Brew Session Sunday, Nov. 22 as Falcons Board Member Kent Fletcher leads the crew in making a big holiday ale. Kent is the original Brewgyver, and built the Club's system, so you'll be learning from the Kung Fu Master and make a wonderful winter warmer to drink by the fire this winter, as the mercury dips to 75 degrees in L.A.  

Sunday, Nov. 22
8:00 am
Home Beer Wine and Cheese Making Shop
22836 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills

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December (2015) Pot Luck

Hello Falcons!

I need your help! Since our next meeting is a Pot Luck - it's your chance to bring in a festive dish to share with all of your besties! I will actually be out galavanting in cold foreign lands (okay, I'll be drinking in a pub in England). We'll need a variety of dishes so please take time to post in the comments here or email me directly with what you are planning on bringing. Below is a list of things you could bring plus a guidline of how much of it we'd need overall (if it says 2x you only need to bring one and someone else can bring a different version):

Board Roles: 

October Club Shop Brew - American Pale Ale with Andy Ziskin

Falcons, sign up now for the October Club Shop Brew Session Sunday, Oct. 25, as our new Board Member and Newsletter Editor Andy Ziskin leads the crew in making an American Pale Ale. Andy is an award-winning homebrewer, and a damn good guy, so you'll benefit from his experience and skills, and have a great day! 

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Competition Committee Meeting Tuesday, Oct 27

We will be meeting at 7PM at MacLeod's Ales in Van Nuys.  Help the club plan our competitions and maintain our high standards of running great contests.  The club will buy our beer and dinner.  RSVP with Ed or John at vicepresident@maltosefalcons.com if you can make it.

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Brews and News is Back!

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Newsletter Date: 

Hey Falcons! After a short hiatus this year, your favorite beer newsletter documenting the best home
brew club in world is back. This month's issue is being slammed together as quickly as possible, so it
will be a catch-up on some of the highlights from the last few months. Hopefully you attended Oktoberfest
on Oct. 10th! Look for a full report in 2 weeks in the November issue.

Time Change, 2AM PDT Sunday Nov 1, 2015

Remember the time change is Sunday Nov 1, 2015   2AM PDT becomes 1AM PST.

That means you won't lose any sleep when you come to the 11:00 am Meeting!!!


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Cider Brewing Cheatsheet

A slightly modified get started guide from Drew's Everything Hard Cider Book to make your own hard cider.

The Standard Cider-Making Procedure

This is the basic process that you’ll use for every cider in Everything Hard Cider and almost every other fermentation you can think to perform. This recipe will net you 4 large bottles of inexpensive cider. You can enjoy this cider after 4–8 weeks.

Yields 4 (1 liter) bottles of Good Cider

1 pint water

Pinch of yeast nutrient

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Club Meeting Minutes- September 2015

Club Meeting on Sunday, September 13th, 2015
Location: Home Beer & Cheese Making Shop

Agenda Topics

Club Meeting Minutes- July 2015


Club Meeting on Sunday, July 12th, 2015

Location: Home Beer & Cheese Making Shop


Agenda Topics

Stone Tap Takeover

Featuring over 8 Limited Beers on Draught from Stone Brewing Co.

-Stone Cali Belgique IPA in Red Wine Barrels

-Stone 2014 Stone Imperial Russian Stount

-Stone 8.8.8 Vertical Epic

-Stone 24 Carrot Cake Golden Ale

-Stone Enjoy By 10.31.15

Plus More...

*Limited Supplies on All beer*

There will also be Stone Beer Inspired Appetizers!!!!

Doors open at 11am

Event Types: 

Homebrew Competition @ 2015 Oktoberfest! 2pm!!

There will be a mini homebrew competition held at our Oktoberfest this Saturday!  Submit by 2pm - judging starts @ 2:30pm

Here are the details:

Limited to 14 entries - first come, first serve

Any style welcome & 1 entry per person

Entries to be given to Ed (our Co-VP from Jersey) @ 2pm sharp at Oktoberfest/DAV grounds

Format: (2) 12oz bottles is preferred but 22's, growlers, 1 liter bottles, plastic baggies are accepted.

Please no writing/labels on the bottles - Ed will register your style/category upon drop off 

Event Types: 
Board Roles: 

Seven Days of Sours at the Glendale Tap

glendaletapWe are so excited to announce our 1st Sour event - Seven Days of Sours !
We will be tapping a new keg of sour beer from some FanFreakinTastic breweries 
every day, even two a day if you're drinking them fast enough !
The breweries participating:
Ballast Point
The Bruery
Eagle Rock
Firestone Walker
Hangar 24
Highland Park
The Lost Abbey
Tahoe Mountain

Event Types: 

California State Homebrew Competition

California State Homebrew Competition

The Cal State comp is the 3rd leg of 3, for the Sierra Nevada California Homebrewer of the Year. That award will be presented during the Awards Ceremony at Anchor on November 8.   It also helps in chosing the Anchor Homebrew Club of the Year!  The Maltose Falcons is the current Anchor Homebrew club of the year!  It would be awesome to win it two years in a row, so get those entries ready!

Sept. Club Shop Brew Session - Hop Harvest Amber Ale with Cullen

Falcons, sign up now for the September Club Shop Brew Session Sunday, Sept. 27, as club Prez Cullen Davis leads the crew in a very special brew. Seems Cullen has a friend with a hop farm, and has access to wads of hops that are just now being harvested, so this is a rare chance to brew a wet hop beer. 

Hops are the seed cones of Humulus lupulus, and they're very delicate flowers. They don't survive long after being cut, which is why almost all hops used by brewers are dried immediately after harvest, and/or turned into pellets to preserve the valuable oils and resins that add so much flavor and character to beer.

In 1996, the brewmaster of Sierra Nevada, Steve Dresler, learned of a European tradition of brewing a special seasonal beer with just-harvested green hops and started making Northern Hemisphere Harvest Ale, which Sierra Nevada now brews every fall. Craft breweries across the nation have followed suit, including Deschutes in Oregon, Sixpoint in Brooklyn, and Surly in Minnesota. 

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April 2015 Brews and News

v. 41
i. 4
Newsletter Date: 

Grand Hydrometer on Saisons.  Second Annual Brew With a Falcon Day.  BWaFD.  Second annual all-ladies shop brew.  Brownie Wine pictures.

March 2015 Brews and News

v. 41
i. 3
Newsletter Date: 

California Homebrew Club of the Year!  Grand Hydrometer on Holiday Ales.  Falcons invade Anchor.  Chris Downie bring Frankenchiller to life!

Shop Brew Lambic

Kicking off a project that will be at least a year in the making, we got together a hearty crew led by John Aitchison to brew a lambic. John based this brew on brews that MB Raines used to lead. She has a particular schedule and idea in mind for making lambics and John wanted to show everyone!
Brew Date: 
Brewed By: 
John Aitchison
Beer Styles: 
Brew Type: 

2015 Oktoberfest!

Buy your ticket today! 

The schedule of events:

12pm – doors open for festival goers!

2pm – submit Competition entries to Ed

2:30pm – Competition judging begins

3pm – 4pm – Band’s 1st set

4:15pm – 4:30pm - Keg toss

4:30pm - Board member change over announcement

4:45pm - Announce winner of comp (BOS wins a Falcon’s Mug!)

4:50pm – Announce Merlin Cup Winner

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A recirculating water chiller that saves water and won’t terrorize the villagers!

I’ve always been a fan of efficiency in most of my endeavors, but keeping waste to a minimum has always been near and dear to my heart.  I was inspired by Drew Beechum’s article “Being Water Wise” [1] and started looking at the processes in my brew shack system that demanded the most water usage.  The search was brief and the culprit obvious…the tap water running through my immersion chiller!

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