Thanks to Jay Ankeney for writing such a great article about our Falcons Happy Hour in the May/June edition of Zymurgy magazine. 

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April Brews & News

Hey folks, the April newsletter has gone out (finally) via email and if you are a paid up member and have not gotten the newsletter email, send me your email address and I will send you the link.



April 2010

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Editor’s Note 2

From the President 3

Red Velvet Debuts at Eagle Rock 4

The Stein: A Shop Brew Report 6

Board Meeting Minutes 7

Le Petit Brewtique 8

Calendar of Events 9 

Tony's Darts Away opened

Tony's Darts Away on 1710 Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank opened yesterday. They have 32 beers on tap, about half are IPA's and imperial IPA's, and gourmet sausages and other food to eat. The prices are amazingly low, they serve true pints, the staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and the place was rocking last night. The owner Tony is a great guy who truly loves good beer, and he is a home brewer as well. Tony also loves the Falcons.

ERB Red Velvet Release @ Surly Goat

Public Release of Eagle Rock Brewery's "Red Velvet", winner of this years Doug King Memorial Competition! Event is at the Surly Goat in West Hollywood.

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Easter Sunday club shop brew

It was a gloomy and chilly morning yesterday, but the sun soon came out for the April club shop brew. It ended up becoming a beautiful day for brewing. My enthusiastic brew crew was raring to go. The team  consisted of our President Steve Cook and his First Lady Irene,  Ed Kochanowski, Tyler, Kris Schimdt, and myself. We had one no show, but Sean Fitzgerald from the shop was able to benefit from this brew day and get a portion of the wort.

May Shop Brew

 Shop Brew May 9

American Brown Ale

Based on Jonny L's "Texas Warrior," recently published in Drew's book.

Lots of chocolate malt. Lots of Palisade and Amarillo hops.

Your Mother Should Know.

P.S. To be on the crew you need to be a paid-up Falcon with a clean carboy and get to the shop at 8am.

Izzy's Famous Again

Not only does Izzy get his picture inthe the paper and become a beer celebrity that way. KTLA used the photos from the LA Times article in a MyKTLA segment hosted by Brand X . (An internet project from the Times)

Oh to be brewing again...

It's a beautiful day here in Pasadena. My thermometer in the garage reads 70F and there's a nice little breeze. Both dogs are bouncing around the yard and yapping, playing in the sun while I sit here writing and doing my day job as well (instead of a coffee break, I'm taking a brewing break!)

I started brewing late today and I'm doing a split Saison and Amber Belgian Speciality. (more on that later)

April Club Meeting

 At the shop

lunch ~ $6 


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2010 NHC Competition drop off?

Is the HWBC shop a drop-off point for entries in the NHC/AHA competition?  If so, what are the dates we can drop off for transport to San Diego?  I remember seeing something about it a while ago, but can't seem to find the info.



Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Great idea.  I do think that at least two BJCP judges on the board, preferably the grand hydro, should taste every entry before it is put into the barrel.  I'd hate to see a bad beer infect the whole barrel.  Also, put some clean beer in the barrel now.  Try it in a month or so before you add the Imperial Stouts.  One never knows if some unwanted critters are living in the wood.



Anderson Valley Sold?



How does this make you feel? Jason Alstrom of the BeerAdvocate brothers has a good point - we're reaching the point where many first generation brewers are thinking of retiring. If you don't have a successor in mind or an heir to throne, what happens?

Bockor Flemish Sour Blending Seminar

 Bockor Flemish Sour Blending Seminar

Hosted By:
Artisanal Imports
Brouwerij Bockor-Sam Quartier, Brewmaster

Event Types: 

Victory Brewing Tasting at Wades!

 Victory Brewing Tasting!


"Having trained in Germany, Victory appreciates the artistic freedom they have here in the US. Here creativity is embraced by a fervent core of consumers and they are happy to serve that audience with their experience in traditional methods, selection of choice, often imported ingredients, and the best processing that technology can offer. They relish the opportunity to please both themselves and their audience with their flavorful creations. They've invested more than their lives in this. Come and see!"


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Brewdog at The Surly Goat

James Watt from Brewdog in Scotland will be at the surly goat on March 20 6-9 pm.

Tokyo on draft, with bottles of tactical nuclear penguin.

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Mayfaire registration?

So where's the link ?  There's not going to be many entries if you have no way to enter! 

March, 2010

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 Editor’s Note 2

From the President 3

Club Meeting Minutes 4

From the Burgermeister’s Kitchen 5

Publicity Report/Shop Brew 6

Grand Hydrometer 7

Board Meeting Minutes 8

Get Caught up in the Web 9

Calendar of Events 10

Home Brew 101 Class

Want to learn how to brew? Join us at the Home Beer Wine Cheesmaking Shop for our monthly lesson in beginning homebrew.

We'll walk you through everything you need to know about your brew day and how to use all the equipment in your kit.

Fee is $5 fo the class, which will provide you a discount.

Address is

22836 VENTURA BLVD (Unit 2, behind "Coastline Motorsports")


Board Roles: 

New Law to Deal With - No Caffiene in Beer

From Julian down in the LBC (aka SacodeToro)


This is from Jim T Beal, the same state rep who keeps trying to pass huge alcohol tax increases. Write your rep and say no to the bill. Why?

America's Finest City Winners

Congrats to Skipp and Hank for representing the club so well. (http://quaff.org/AFC2010/winners.html)

Skipp tore things up with medals in the following

  • IPA - 2nd Place
  • Wood-Aged & Smoked Beers - 3rd Place
  • Melomel - 2nd Place
  • Cider / Perry - 1st Place

Hank scored a 2nd Place Ribbon for his Smoked Porter

Nice going you two!


March Club Meeting

Come down to the Home Beer Wine Cheesemaking Shop on Sunday March 7th for a taste of homebrew wonderfulness. (The public is welcome - all we ask is that you like good beer and be respectful of the brewers presenting their wares)

If you have a BJCP Class 10 American Ale (aka American Pale Ale, American Amber Ale or American Brown Ale) bring it to the meeting for evaluation as the Falcons' entry into the AHA Club Only Competition for March / April. Entry is free and you get to represent the club!

Board Roles: 

Pliny the Younger @ the Blue Palms

 Tomorrow is going to be one of the last few times to catch Pliny The Younger this year.

Weds Feb 17, 2010 7pm

Blue Plams Brewhouse

6124 Hollywood Blvd

Also on tap will be some selections from the Alpine Beer Company.


Drink Up me Heartys! Yo-Ho!



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February 2010

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i. 2
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Editor’s Note 2

From the President 3

Club Meeting Minutes 4

Publicity Report/Shop Brew 5

Grand Hydrometer 6

DKM Special Report 7

Board Meeting Minutes 9

Calendar of Events 10 

Website Move

Not to alarm anyone, but you may in the coming week find that maltosefalcons.com doesn't respond to your requests for more beer knowledge.

Why? In an effort to improve performance our hosting partner (BecoTech) is setting us up a little differently. When the dust settles out, the anticipated side effect is greater control and better responsiveness on the part of the website.

I'll post again when the transition is going to begin. When you see that post, just wait for the all clear and everything will be dandy.

America's Finest City Homebrew Competition

Since QUAFF doesn't post the entry instructions until you actually register an entry, I thought I'd post them here for convenience, and to encourage Falcons to enter their beers. Event Dates are for the judging - entried aredue at Alesmith on Wednesday, February 10.     Fletch America's Finest City
Homebrew Competition 2010


February 19 & 20, 2010, San Diego, CA.

Hosted by QUAFF
Quality Ale & Fermentation Fraternity



Board Roles: 
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First, the NY Times discovered growlers yesterday - Growlers, the New Old Beer Conveyance.

Eagle Rock Brewing in the LA Times

Jeremy and Steve continue to garner more press for their efforts - http://www.latimes.com/videobeta/watch/?watch=8f3a0e2e-4b58-4488-a2a0-42...

Congrats guys

Home Brew 101 Class


Come Join Kent Fletcher and learn the easy way to brew a batch of beer.

The class takes place in the evening after the Home Beer Wine Cheesemaking Shop closes.

Fee is $5 which also acts as a discount on a kit.

RSVP with Diane by emailing publicity@maltosefalcons.com


Chili Cook-off


Because of a stupid little football game, the February meeting will be on Saturday February 6, but the Annual Chili Cook-off will go ahead as scheduled.  Please post here or e-mail the Burgermeister of your intention to enter a chili.  Please plan to arrive about noon to start heating the chilis.  

The Maltose Falcons Annual Chili Cook Off Rules are: 


Upcoming Events

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