Thanks to Jay Ankeney for writing such a great article about our Falcons Happy Hour in the May/June edition of Zymurgy magazine. 

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Saison Ordnaire

This is my no fuss, no muss, easy going table Saison recipe. It makes a great test bed for additional flavors and a great work day beer.
Brew Date: 
Brewed By: 
Drew Beechum
Brew Type: 

Coffee & Cream Stout

This is the third variation on a coffee stout. My first attempt was my 2nd brew ever. After the Drew Carey show introduced "Buzz Beer", I attempted my second batch. I have always been proud of this brew, and have tweaked the recipe over the years. The short cold soak of the coffee will assure great flavor but control the heavy roasted astringency. This recipe was chosen for the 2nd round of Sam Adam's Longshot competition.
Brew Date: 
Brewed By: 
Mark Poliner
Brew Type: 

The Chemistry of Beers

Found today via Brookston Beer Bulletin, the American Chemical Society has released in time for St. Patrick's Day a video all about the chemistry of beer. It features Senior Brewing Manager of Boston Beer Company, Grant Wood.

Check it out!

The Chemistry of Beer

Elkwood Wheat

This is a true American Wheat - not an American take on a Hefe. With a week or two of cold conditioning, it's crystal clear, pours with a fluffy white head, and is very refreshing. I've been brewing this beer, with only minor variations in the hopping, for almost ten years. It has garnered awards in Mayfaire, Pacific Brewers Cup and America's Finest City comps, and a keg of it brought to a summer meeting or a fest almost always gets emptied. It's also higher gravity and higher total IBUs than the style guidelines, which may have something to do with it's consistent success in comps.
Brewed By: 
Kent Fletcher
Beer Styles: 
Brew Type: 

Thanks for all the interest...

My brewing equipment is now spoken for.

I'm sorry that I am not able to share it with more of you.

Club Brew - Mark's Chipotle Porter

The April club shop brew has been set for Sunday the 10th. Our Burgermeister, Mark Poliner, will be leading this brew day with his Chipotle Porter. It is going to be unique.

You will be brewing on the club's 30 gallon all grain system at the Home Beer Wine and Cheese Making Shop. You will learn the basics of the system, and participate in all aspects of the brewing session, including clean up. Each member will take home 5 gallons of wort at a really inexpensive price to ferment at home. It is a really great deal!

Board Roles: 

Brew 101 Class - April

Do you love great craft beer? Have you had thoughts of brewing your own but did not know how to get started? Well do we have the class for you!

The Maltose Falcons offer a Brew 101 course at the Home Beer Wine and Cheese Making Shop in Woodland Hills every second Tuesday of the month. This course is designed for the beginning brewer, and uses the basic equipment and ingredient kits sold at the shop.

Board Roles: 

Mayfaire Festival

Announcing the results of our annual competition seems as good as any reason to have a party!

We have space reserved at Oak Park in Simi Valley where we will camp, pour beer and have an all around good time.

We are attempting to have a beer auction as a little fund-raiser, so bring beer donations! We will also enjoy an appearance from the Maltose Falcons Brews Band, fresh off their triumphant tour of San Francisco.

Board Roles: 

Southern California Homebrewer's Festival

The 20th Annual Southern California Homebrewer's Festival is on!

Come and join the Falcons and over 1000 of your fellow homebrewers at Lake Casitas on April 30th for a monster homebrew party.

This party is open and free to members of the California Homebrewer's Association. You must purchase your membership in the CHA before the fest date. No memberships sold at the door! To purchase a membership, click here.

Board Roles: 

AHA Conference Beer List!

AHA will have both a Hospitality Suite and Club Night (4 hours a piece roughly) for us to pour our beer. We want to have a lavish selection of beers. Good news is that you probably won't blow a full keg during this event, so there'll plenty of leftovers.

Dropoff for kegs is at the Shop in Woodland Hills by Close of business on Sunday June 12th! Please follow the instructions listed here for labelling your kegs - Cellar Instructions.

Board Roles: 

Brewing equipment available

Fellow Falcons,

My brewing equipment has been lying around unused for too long.
Ladyface provides me with awesome beer whenever I want.
LA is finally becoming a decent beer town.

I have decided to part with my brewing equipment. It is a very extensive
collection of every tool, implement, and vessel one could want to make
excellent beer. Included are two chest freezers, a lagering frig and 50
pounds of grain.

I would like to make a gift of this equipment to a young aspiring
Falcon brewer. I do not wish to give the stuff away piecemeal.

Falcon's Membership Meeting Minutes-March 2011

We missed you at the March meeting! Here is what you missed....


Today’s meeting was attended by about 40 people. A bit down from last month but a great time had by all.

Drew, our Grand Hydrometer got up from his sickbed and brought us a bevy of Barleywine to get the meeting going right. Tastings were comprised of:
Tenaya Creek Old Jackalope - 10.2%
Telegraph Rhino Rye - 9.8%
Alaskan Pilot Series - 10.7%
Shipyard Double Thumper - 11%
Port Brewing Old Viscosity - 10%

Merlin Cup Contest

The Merlin Cup shall be awarded to the Maltose Falcons member that garners
the most points and has taken a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, place in a BJCP sanctioned
competition. The winner of the Merlin Cup shall be known as;

“The Maltose Falcons Homebrewer of the Year”

Points are awarded as follows:

One point for an entry of a beer to any BJCP sanctioned contest.

Two additional points for an entry awarded third in category in any BJCP
sanctioned contest.

Membership Meeting - March 6th

Time for our monthly meeting at the Home Beer Wine Cheesemaking Shop!

Join us in the clubhouse as we sample homebrews, have a fine lunch and try a fine selection of Barleywines!

Meeting starts at 12! Everyone is welcome to join us.

Board Roles: 
Event Types: 

BJCP Class - Final Sign-Ups

* Attention * Attention * Attention *

Sign-Up ASAP - Classes start next week!!

Come get ready to get your judging on!

This is the first in a series of 5 classes that will prepare you for the BJCP Exam in Late May.

This is serious business and will run from 7PM-10PM at the Home Beer Wine Cheesemaking Shop

Class fee is $70 and covers class materials, beers and the test. If you end up not taking the test, a portion of your funds will be refunded to you.

A note from John Aitchison about the class:

Board Roles: 

A New Year - A New Look!

Hey everyone from the webmeister department!

It's a new year and while we're between that Anchor Madness and the Mayfaire, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to upgrade our website both in look (ohh shiny in blue - thanks Cullen!) and in performance. We're housed in a new setup that should be faster than our old site.

I'm still working on fixing a few glitches, so bear with us!

-- Drew

Two Videos: Anchor Steam Brewery Awards Maltose Falcons The 2010 Homebrew Club of the Year


For those that didn't make it to the award ceremony, here is a couple videos of the award cerimony. I included a video explaining where the trophy came from. Select the links below.

Award Video on Youtube

Video explanation of where the Trophy came from at Anchor Steam Brewery



Here? Can I do that?


It's Fog Horn Barley Wine!


Falcon's Membershp Meeting Minutes-February 13th, 2011

Hey Everyone!

Once again, for those of you who could not make it to the February meeting, here is what you missed....


Brew 101 Tuesday March 8th 7:00 p.m.


Do you love great craft beer? Have you had thoughts of brewing your own but did not know how to get started? Well do we have the class for you!

The Maltose Falcons offer a Brew 101 course at the Home Beer Wine and Cheese Making Shop in Woodland Hills every second Tuesday of the month. This course is designed for the beginning brewer, and uses the basic equipment and ingredient kits sold at the shop.

Board Roles: 
Event Types: 

Club shop brew Sunday (March)

The March club shop brew has been set for Sunday the 13th. Our Vice President, Steve Cook, and his  Alewench  Irene, will be leading this brew crew. They are planning an Southern English brown ale. Think along the lines of Newcastle Brown Ale, but this will be much better.

We are calling this beer the Drink-It Down Southern Brown Ale.

Board Roles: 
Event Types: 

Sierra Nevada Taproom

As ubiquitious as the brewery is to our club, few Falcons have traveled to this Sacred Brewery.  Ken Grossman, the founder of SN is a long time Falcon.  Fortune was shining on me as my boss had me on a trip through Northern California.   A stop at the brewery's taproom (restaurant) was demanded. 

BJs Brewery Beer Dinner

BJs is having another beer dinner showcasing new belgium beers and finishing with chimay grand reserve.  looks interesting and i plan on attending, that should be reason enuf for the rest of you to sit out :)   I have atached fliers. falcon discount honored for the dinner, reservations suggested.   proost en op uw gezondheid,  


Event Types: 

Amazing turnout for January Brew 101 class

We had a record breaking turnout for the January Brew 101 class on Tuesday! Twenty three enthusiastic newbies crowded around the brew kettle out in the back of the shop. We were turning away others who were calling up the shop asking if they could come to the class as there was just not enough room for them all.

Kent Fletcher was the instructor, and he was assisted by myself, and Mick Deering. It was cold, and there were some light sprinkles, but that did not deter these new brewers one bit.

Chili Cookoff

Because of a stupid little football game, the February meeting will be on the Second Sunday, but the Annual Chili Cook-off will go ahead as scheduled.  Please post here or e-mail at burgermeister@maltosefalcons.com  of your intention to enter a chili.  Please plan to arrive about noon to start heating the chilis.  

There is a limit of 12 entrants ONLY

The Maltose Falcons Annual Chili Cook Off Rules are: 

Club meeting and Chili Cookoff Sunday February 13th 12:00 p.m.

Buy a shirt or Buy a Mug at the Meeting - Official California Homebrew Club of the Year Merchandise!

The February club meeting is set for Sunday the 13th due to the Superbowl being on the 6th. Mark your calendars for this date.

Board Roles: 
Event Types: 

AFC/QUAFF Entry Dropoff Deadline

Its Americas Finest City/ Quaff contest time again down in S.D.

I will be at the shop on Sat. Feb 5th at 11:00am sharp, if you want your entries driven down for the contest please have them to the clubhouse before then.

Dont forget to 1) pre-register entries on the quaff contest site and 2) include a check with your entry.






Event Types: 

Anchor Weekend Brewery Bus Trip



Going to Anchor?

Want to see some other great breweries too?

The Falcons are organizing a bus tour from SF to Bear Republic Brewing, Russian River Brewing (Pliney the Younger may be on tap!) and Lagunitas' new beer garden!   The bus will leave from the Westin Market Hotel and will return there as well.

Event Types: 

Minutes of the Maltose Falcons Membership Meeting - January 2, 2011

I thought it would be a good idea to start posting the minutes of our membership meetings for those who cannot attend on a regular basis. There are some great events coming up that I thought you should be aware of. Read on.....


New hop blend Falconer's Flight

Calling all hop heads! There is a new hop blend called Falconer's Flight, and it is in stock now at the Home Beer Wine and Cheese Making Shop. The name alone should be enough for the Falcons to make this a staple for the club. It comes in at 10.5% alpha acid, and has a co-humulone of 27%.

Falconer's Flight is a proprietary pellet blend comprised of many of the Northwest's most unique hop varieties and is perfect for any Northwest style IPA. The aroma descriptors include distinct tropical, citrus, floral, lemon, and grapefruit tones.

Making more beer at home - BeerSmith Podcast

Nathan Smith and I talk with Brad (author of the BeerSmith brewing program) about ways to get more beer out of your brew day.



Upcoming Events

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