Bastogne, Beer and Bullets

Stumbled across this story in the Stars and Stripes about how a trooper in the famed 101st Airborne discovered he had been immortalized in local Bastogne legend. Former Paratrooper Recalls WWII Incident that Led to Beer Fame

November 23 BJCP Exam

Yesterday we conducted a BJCP tasting exam. 12 judges took the exam, and I really expect all to rise in rank. I'll go into the details more in a later newsletter article, but here is a picture of the exam. The proctors in the foreground are National Judge Norman Jufer, Grand Master II Judge Jim Wilson, and Grand Master V Judge Kevin Pratt.

November Brews and News (corrected)

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Hi all. Sorry for the shoddy job on the original November Newsletter. Obviously, I still have a few things to learn. I will probably be sending out a poll in January once I've got a couple more issues under my belt to see what you like and what you don't.


Holiday Pot Luck Lunch - Sign Up!

Our holiday lunch is less than 3 weeks away!(boy this year went by fast!) For those who would like to bring a dish to pass for our upcoming December Membership Meeting on Sunday the 8th, Pete and I would like to share some ideas (simply as inspiration) for the yummy spread. Since we don’t really need 10 potato salads or half dozen green bean casseroles (or do we?), please email me with the dish you would like to share with the Falcons during our festive holiday lunch.

El Segundo Brewing Tap Takeover at Draughts in T.O.

Join us on Saturday, November 23, 2013 for the El Segundo Brewing Tap Takeover
Starting @ 11:00 AM

Blue House Citra Pale
White Dog IPA
Blue House IPA
2 Five Left
Smoky Hollow Scotch Ale
Hyperion's Stout
Vanilla Hyperion's Stout
Casa Azul (amber Mexican lager)
Hop Tanker DIPA
Standard Crude American Imperial Stout

Limited Supplies - come early to not miss out on all the great beer.

This is an event not to be missed by any beer lover!

398 N. Moorpark Rd.
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
(In the Best Buy Plaza, next to Total Wine)

For More Info

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Deschutes Hats Off to Homebrewers!

This week Deschutes is having a "Hats off to Homebrewers" night at Congregation Alehouse in Pasadena. The event is Wednesday 11/13 starting at 7pm. They're going to be giving away hop samples and Deschutes clone recipes. One of their reps will be there too to host the evening.

If you haven't been to one of their home brewer nights, they're a lot of fun! Last time I was hooked up with a whole bunch of recipes, and some free Cascade hops!

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November Club Shop Brew -- English Old Ale!

November Club Shop Brew - English Old Ale!
Our monthly Club Shop Brew is set for Sunday, Nov. 24 at 8:00 a.m.

Esteemed Board Member and brewer-without-a-place-to-brew Steve Cook stepped forward to lead the November 2013 Club Shop Brew Session and make an English Old Ale. Apologies for getting this date set with such short notice!

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Beer Tasting at the Home of the Stuffed Sandwhich

December 14th the Maltose Falcons will be returning to the Home of the Stuffed Sandwich (http://www.stuffedsandwich.com/) in San Gabriel. For those unfamiliar with our previous events this is your chance to try dozens of hard to find seasonal and vintage beers--members who have attended dead palate society should know what to expect. There's only enough room in the shop for 30 falcons, so buy your ticket ($40) before they are gone! The event starts at noon.

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Crazy Harry's 2nd Anniversary Party!

Crazy Harry's is celebrating our 2nd Anniversary! Come out and join the fun! We'll be pouring some great beers and celebrating good times!

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It's Firkin Tuesday at Crazy Harry's!

We'll be tapping a firkin of The Dudes Grandma's Pecan Brown Ale with Graham Crackers!

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November 2013 Troubleshooter's Corner Notes

Back in November! Time to Try some more beers!

Troubleshooter's Corner
This month's troubleshooter's corner included seven beers for the tasting by Drew and Bruce Brode. This is the first time when many of the brewers were asking "what's wrong with this beer" and our only answer was "nothing really".

Beer 1: Saison

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October 2013 Brews and News

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Key words

40th anniversary
Hop Extract
Beers of the South
Craig Shepland's Eisbock
History of Oktoberfest

New Announcement List

In an effort to better communicate with everyone in the Falcons - we've put together a new Announcement only list for the membership. When you become a paid member of the club - you'll be added to our email list that will be used to announce events and other club wide news.

We promise not to spam you, but we realized that we don't have a solid way to connect to everyone - so here we are.

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Brew 101 Class

Our next new and improved Brew 101 class is coming up soon. Topics will include beer history, basic science, and extract brewing techniques, tips, and tricks. If you've been thinking about brewing beer at home and would like to see how it's done, all while enjoying some great homebrew call us to sign up! Cost is $15 dollars

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Spark of Love Toy Drive-December 8th Club Meeting--Don't Forget to Bring Those Presents!

This will be our 5th Annual Toy Drive to benefit those less fortunate than us. Last year we got a great amount of toys. Let's top it this year. Please bring a new unwrapped toy to benefit underprivileged children. After the meeting, we will take these to the Los Angeles Fire Department for distribution to the kids during the holidays. We will be collecting the toys at the meeting, but please feel free to bring them sooner and drop them off at the shop. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at secretary@maltosefalcons.com.

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November 2013 Membership Meeting

Hi Folks, Its time for the 2013 November membership meeting! Your new board of directors are now at the helm! The meeting starts at 12 Noon, please be on time as we have a lot to go through before we have to end. Don't forget to turn your clocks back Sunday Morning, Daylight Saving Time ends at 2AM Nov 3, 2013! Please Bring your homebrews to share! Also, you may bring beers for the trouble shooters corner that will take place after the Grand Hydro presentation! Lunch will be served and a good time will be had by all!

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LACF Sheets and Ribbons - Update

According to the folks at the LA County Fair, the sheets and ribbons were mailed out late last week. Let us know if you don't get them by the end of the week!

With the LACF competition, the fair handles the distribution of ribbons and scoresheets and they ran out of time before the fair began and naturally their availability tanked to "not". The crew should be prepping and hopefully sending out all of the packages this coming week. If not, then soon after.

Many apologies for the delay! We'll keep you updated!

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Banana Pants and Distribution Modalities

It's Friday night and it's time to relax and for me that means reading while drinking a frosty beverage and trying to do the whole synthesis thing my brain has supposedly been trained to do. I stopped at my local retail purveyor of beverages to go and wondered at the marvelous supply of bottles and what not on the shelf. This made me think things:

Oktoberfest Tasting (Druaght's)

Join us on Saturday, October 19, 2013 for an
Octoberfest Tap Takeover
Starting @ 11:00 AM

We will bring you over 8 Amazing Octoberfest beers on Draught


Limited Supplies - come early to not miss out on the great beer.

This is an event not to be missed by any beer lover!

Live Music starts at 7pm


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All-grain Brewing And Equipment Class

Class has been rescheduled for WEDNESDAY 10/23 so as not to conflict with the BJCP class

Interested in all-grain brewing? Register for our upcoming class that will teach you how! We will cover all aspects from strike to sparge as well as building your equipment. Cost is $25. Please call the shop to sign up.

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Brew 101 Class

Our next new and improved Brew 101 class is coming up soon. Topics will include beer history, basic science, and extract brewing techniques, tips, and tricks. If you've been thinking about brewing beer at home and would like to see how it's done, all while enjoying some great homebrew call us to sign up! Cost is $15 dollars

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Brews and News: September 2013

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Good morning Falcons. Super sorry this is so late. Who woulda thunk organizing a newsletter could be so time-consuming! October's should be coming out in the next day or two.

In this issue, Craig Wickam has an excellent write-up about his experiences at the Oregon Brew Festival. So grab yourself a beer, sit down and start reading!


October Shop Brew -- Holiday Ale!

Our monthly Club Shop Brew had to be re-scheduled for Sunday, October 20th at 8:00 a.m. Phone calls were placed and an email message sent to all who were signed up. Hope to see you on the 20th!

Esteemed Board Member and Brew Tech Wizard Kent Fletcher has volunteered to lead the session this month to make his Holiday Ale. He has brewed it for a number of years running and it's always just the thing for the chilly months ahead. Don't miss this special seasonal brew, sign up now!

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Send me to Beercamp!!

Hi Falcon members, I am in need of your help to send me to Sierra Nevadas beer camp if you could please vote for me that would be amazing! Thanks for anyone who votes for me. All you have to do is just vote dont even have to watch the video. http://www.sierrabeercamp.com/vote#100

Watermelon & Mint Sparkling Fresca

For the fifth annual LA Beer Week Festival, Cullen and Drew of the Falcons and Kip Barnes of LA Ale Works, poured a collection of sodas for the crowd as palate restoratives. This was Drew's based on a classic Agua Fresca.
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Drew Beechum
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So want to be a Beer Judge?

Do you sniff, swirl and hold your beer up to the light before you taste it? You may have the makings of a Beer Judge. Join moderator Tomm Carroll of Celebrator Beer News at the Four Points by Sheraton at LAX as he leads a panel of high-ranked, certified BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) judges, who will discuss the program and tell you what you need to know to become a certified beer judge.

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Recipe Designing And Development Class

Learn how to create and perfect your own recipes in this advanced class. Cost is $25, please call the shop to reserve a spot

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Enter the 2013 California State Homebrew Competition!

The 2013 California State Homebrew Competition is approaching! The judging date is Nov 2, 2013.

As you might know, the results of this competition are influential in awarding the Anchor California Homebrew Club of the year award.

Since it is in the interest of everyone in the club to win this award, the Maltose Falcons will ship your entries to the Cal State competition for you!

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Walmart and Beer Sales

Wal-Mart Sells Coors About at Cost to Be Largest Beer Seller

So, few things that are interesting from this article - wow Walmart is really being aggressive and when you figure breakage and other parts of the operation, they are losing money on their beer sales. Now to their point - beer does pull in customers and may very well be an effective loss leader for them, but still 0.6% markup?

September 2013 Troubleshooter's Corner Notes

Brief anonymous notes on what was presented at the Troubleshooter's Corner, A jumped up cider - lager not quite right, a too sweet saison and more

For the past year, the Falcons have resurrected an old tradition in the club that predates my involvement. It used to be that prior to the meeting, any brewer who had a beer they had questions about could ask a panel of experienced brewers and judges to taste and give them feedback. All of this away from the harsh spotlight of the full membership meeting. These days with attendance at the meetings pushing 80 or more, the intimidation is worse.

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Upcoming Events

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