Hop Tea, the Proper Way

Stop trying to learn your hops by boiling them in water! A simple technique to better hop tea.

Everyone always want you to boil your hops in plain water in order to get a sense for what they taste and smell like, but there's a problem with that - you never experience your hops in just plain water. Malt imbues the wort with a number of different chemical processes that can affect the flavor and aroma contributions from a hop variety.

Here's my simple way of checking out what our hops are going to do. Now I make no bones about this - this won't quite be the same, but.. it's better than the old fashioned way of doing it.

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Board Rye Barrel Barleywine

A classic, big bad barleywine brewed by the the Falcons Board members in 25 gallon batches. The first two batches were brewed in the end of 2010 to fill a fresh Rye Whiskey Barrel from Heaven Hill Distillery. Our friend Pat Rue of the Bruery in Placentia was instrumental in helping us to obtain this great barrel. Since its initial filling, the barrel has had portions drawn off for the 2011 and 2012 AHA Conferences (San Diego and Seattle), the So Cal Homebrew Fest, and Falcon fests. It has been refilled (25 gallons at a time) three times since then (as of February 2013, with another 25 gallons fermenting.
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The Board
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Fresh Berries - Wholesale prices

My wholesale distributor, near Van Nuys Airport, has fresh berries in stock.

Raspberry $42.95 per case

BlueBerry $29.95 per case

Boysenberry $24.95 per case

Photo here:


If you want some, let me know and I can bring them to the meeting on Sunday.

Fermentation Automation

Some folks on the Yahoo list asked that I post some comments about my experience with creating a temperature controlled environment for fermenting a brew.

I have heard some great suggestions like put it in a closet and turn a little space heater up a little each day, and rotate a frozen milk bottle into the water bath each day for cooling, and these all sound good and not too time consuming, but I am more lazy than that.

I want to set a temperature profile, put my carboy in the tub, and come back in a week or two and keg it.

And so begins my journey...

February Shop Brew Session -- Sign up Now to Brew Barleywine with Mr. Publicity Director!


Our monthly Club Shop Brew is set for Sunday, February 17th at 8:00 a.m. I will take over leading the crew myself this month. We'll brew a barleywine to help us compete against the Santa Barbeerians in the Surfliner Challenge.

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Jersey Red Ryder IPA

Our January 2013 Shop Brew Recipe was for a Red Rye IPA. This beer is intended to have a nice full body, a deep red ruby color, good rye presence in the malt flavors with a nice floral hop aroma and flavor with medium bitterness. The brewing program I use is Beer Smith, which will try to do everything for the brewer except drink his beer. Running the recipe through Beer Smith, I got a target Original Gravity of 1.077, SRM of 17.9 and 66.6 IBUs. The grain bill for this beer named, “Red Ryder IPA”, consists of the following:
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Ed Kochanowski and the Jan 2013 Shop Brew Crew
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ScotchBrewman - AKA November Club Brew

Here is the November Shop brew scaled down to a 5-Gallon batch. It is a Strong Scotch Ale, which is also known as a "Wee-Heavy" and my favorite style of beer. The ingredients used in this brew are not traditionally Scottish, but they fit the flavor profile well. The hopping schedule utilize the Northern Brewer hop variety to bring an earthiness to the beer. There are smoked malts in this recipe even though it is often debated whether or not these flavors and aromas are part of a traditional Wee Heavy, but I like them so this is what you get!
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Maltose Falcons November Brew Crew
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Hey Falcons! Let's Start Brewing!


Hey Falcons!  Let’s start brewing...

I just wanted to give everybody a friendly reminder of the events coming up that we’d all love some kegs for!  For those of you who are new to the club, there are several events and activities through the year where we set up our our own line of taps and bars (through a small group of very generous volunteers who own these and set them up for us).  In order to make this happen, we need beers from you!

To give everybody a heads up, here are the next few events we’ll need kegs for so you can plan ahead:

February 2013 Newsletter

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Here is the February Newsletter.  Don't forget, our meeting this month is on the second Sunday of the month to let everyone enjoy the Super Bowl.

February is out monthly Chili Cook-off.  Use the link below to sign up. 


January 2013 Maltose Falcons Shop Brew

On the day after our great 2013 Doug King Homebrew competition, we had the Falcon’s January Shop brew.  This month, the brew crew was led by the MF VP Ed Kochanowski, aka Jersey.    The duties of a brew crew leader are to supply a recipe,  help the crew members to enjoy their experience with all-grain brewing by guiding them  through the steps of  grain milling, doughing in, mashing,  sparging, boiling, hop adding, cooling, carboy filling, oxygenating,  yeast pitching,  and equipment cleaning.   Also the crew leader collects the costs for the ingredients and pays the shop.   The final task

2013 Mayfaire Homebrew Competition Results


2013 Mayfaire organized by the Maltose Falcons

Best of Show Winner

Brian Holter and Kingsley Toby for their Belgian Style Quad Ale

First Runner-up

Tom and Peggy Kelly for their Vanilla Mead

Second Runner-up

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Eagle Rock Brewery 3rd Anniversary Party!!!


It’s happened. We made it to 3 years! ...an amazing 3 years (and thank you!)

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2013 Firestone Invitational Beer Festival Registration

Tickets will go on sale February 1 and WILL SELL OUT FAST. The event will be held June 1 and admission is $75. Visit the event website for more information.

Breweries for 2013:

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AHA National Homebrewers Conference


The AHA National Homebrewers Conference is a fun, educational gathering designed to enhance homebrewers’ brewing skills and knowledge and increase homebrewing camaraderie. Special seminars and events cater to beer enthusiasts and amateur brewers of every level.

Philadelphia, Pa. is the host city for the 2013 conference, June 27-29. The majority of official conference activities take place in the host hotel.

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Another Winning Time at the DKM!

I will leave the specifics to the President and VPs to tell everyone about today's DKM, but I would just like to say a giant thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to come and participate in our event.  We had 40 or so judges and 15 stewards who did a fantastic job.  I want to say a special  thanks to Steve Scott for taking care of the keg and growler pours for the entire time.

Green Flash Tap Takeover at Draught's Restaurant (Thousand Oaks)


Featuring over 10 Green Flash beers on Draught!!!

Green Flash Hop Head Red

Green Flash Double Stout

Green Flash 7th Anniversary Belgian Red Rye

Green Flash Candela Rye Barleywine w/ Spanish Cedar (cigar city collaboration)

Green Flash Grand Cru Belgian Strong Dark Ale

Green Flash Palate Wrecker IIPA

Green Flash Le Freak Belgian IPA

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January Shop Brew - Sign-up is full, stay tuned for February!

Our monthly Club Shop Brew is set for Sunday, January 20th at 8:00 a.m. Our Vice President "Big" Ed "Jersey" Kochanowski is going to lead the crew. The style hasn't been settled as of this writing, but at last word he was leaning toward brewing a Rye IPA.


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New member

I am exited to atend my first club meeting tomorrow January 6 2013. I got a good feeling about this:)

January 2013 Newsletter

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Here is your January 2013 newsletter. 

Enjoy and have a Happy and Safe New Year.

February Club Meeting & Chili Cook-off


The Falcons are back at the shop for our "monthly" membership meeting! Our meeting this month is on the second Sunday of the month to let everyone enjoy the Super Bowl. 

Time to sit down, relax and enjoy some homebrew while we take care of business and lunch.

The meeting will start with a technical presentation and a commercial beer tasting (TBD), if you have suggestions or requests, please email grandhydrometer@maltosefalcons.com.

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January Club Meeting


The Falcons are back at the shop for our "monthly" membership meeting!

Time to sit down, relax and enjoy some homebrew while we take care of business and lunch.

The meeting will start with a technical presentation and a commercial beer tasting (TBD), if you have suggestions or requests, please email grandhydrometer@maltosefalcons.com.

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Talking SMaSH with BeerSmith

Brad Smith of BeerSmith fame had me on his show last week to talk SMaSH and the beauty of simplicity. 

Check it out! Beer Smith Blog: Single Malt and Single Hop (SMASH) with Drew Beechum – BeerSmith Podcast #51

If you have any questions or want to tell me how horribly wrong I am, let me know in the comments below!

John's Westvleteren 12 Clone

Beer won "favorite beer" of June meeting and 1st place 2012 LACF. Lots of dark fruit, some bubble gum, also a little banana. Flavor about halfway between Westvleteren 12 and St. Bernardus ABT 12. It was big hit at 2012 AHA Club Night. Beer ages well. Should reach it's peak in 2015.
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John Aitchison
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Nine Beers Americans No Longer Drink

Yahoo Finance create a list of beer brands that have suffered drastic sales slides since 2006.

Their sales analysis didn't include craft beers or the malternatvie segment, but instead looking at major brands. It is interesting to see that of all the brands to take a hit, the biggest percentage loss belongs to Michelob which from dropped from 2006's 500,000 barrels to 2011's 140,000 barrels or MGD with the biggest volume loss of 1.7 million barrels!

It's the End of the World

Enjoyed a wonderful Stone IPA.  Called Enjoy by 12/21/12. 

Not very bitter, it has a rich malt profile with an intense hop aroma and flavor. 

Blending project

Rocky and I have emptied our sour barrel and now have about 18 gallons of it. Seeing as we have so much of it we thought it would be fun to do a blend, using this beer as a base. I would like to invite any brewers with sour, funky, or unusual beers to participate. I would like to end up with 5 gallons of finished blend so we have enough to age and share. Please comment on this post if you are interested in participating. The way I see it, we should all meet up some where with at least a 22oz sample and go from there.


Upcoming Events

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