2013 Doug King Memorial Competition

2013 DKM


Note: a decision was made by the staff to split the smoke and wood aged beers into their own category (Class 26) and offer more medals.

Best of Show Winner

Craig Wickham, Doug Harlan, A Dean Lynn for their Honey Hibiscus Blonde Ale

First Runner-up

Chris Rockwell, Bret Goldhorn for their Rye Barrel Stout

Stone Brewing Night at Prohibition Burgers & Beer

Hey Everyone,

Just a heads up.. If any of you are fans of Stone Brewery, then you might wanna check out this event at Prohibition Burgers & Beer in Encino.


Wednesday November 28th / 6pm - 11pm

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Mayfaire Fest 2013

Join us for our annual Mayfaire fest on 19 May 2013 that will be held again at the popular KOA in ActonThe camp is located on the bank of the Santa Clara River about 25 miles away from the north SF Valley

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November Shop Brew Sunday the 18th!

UPDATE: Six people have signed up for this shop brew, making a full crew plus one on wait list. As ever, you can still go to the brew session, crew or no, without taking home a share of wort.

Our monthly Club Shop Brew is set for Sunday, November 18th at 8:00 a.m. Our newly confirmed President Steve Rosolio is going to lead the crew in brewing a strong Scotch ale, a sumptuously malty delicious style. This is one of Steve's preferred styles, so it should be an informative session.


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November Newsletter

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Here is the November Newsletter. 

Maltose Falcons Calendar of Events 2013

Maltose Falcons Calendar of Events 2013


General Membership Memberships

Maltose Falcons Membership       11/4/2012

Maltose Falcons Membership       12/2/2012

Maltose Falcons Membership       1/6/2013

Maltose Falcons Membership       2/10/2013

Maltose Falcons Membership       3/3/2013

Maltose Falcons Membership       4/7/2013

Maltose Falcons Membership       6/2/2013

Maltose Falcons Membership       7/7/2013

Maltose Falcons Membership       9/8/2013

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Holiday Beer Tasting at The Stuffed Sandwich 2012

The Falcons (and other beer lovers) are set for a tasting of Holiday beers and more at the world famous Stuffed Sandwich on Saturday December 8th at 1PM.

The cost will be $30 plus the cost of your mandatory sandwich.  Seating limited to 30 people so make your reservation early.

Pay for your reserved seat here:


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November Club Meeting

The Falcons are back at the shop for our "monthly" membership meeting!

Time to sit down, relax and enjoy some homebrew while we take care of business and lunch.

The meeting will start with a technical presentation and a commercial beer tasting (TBD), if you have suggestions or requests, please email grandhydrometer@maltosefalcons.com.

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Beaver Tail Melomel

Prickly pear melomel
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Good old Rich & OJ
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Southern California Home Brewers Festival 2013

The SCHF website is now open!  Get your memberships!   The website is slow, be patient!

Come join the Falcons and 34 other home brewing clubs at the Southern California Home Brewers Festival May 3-5, 2013 at beautiful Lake Casitas near Ojai. CHA Membership annual membership (see http://calhomebrewers.org/) is $40 until Feb 28, $45 in March, and $50 after March. You must purchase your CHA membership by May 2, 2013 or you will not be allowed into the fest.

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Oktoberfest 2012 What a Party

Another great Falcon's party into the history books.  There was great beer, great music and great friends. 

I have had many a request for the mac&cheese recipe.  Here it is:


Mac & Cheese

2 tbs butter

2 tbs flour

2 cup heavy cream

1 tsp Coleman’s dry mustard or 2 tsp Sierra Nevada mustard

1 or 2 bay leaf

salt & pepper

hot sauce (Tabasco, Frank’s, etc), to taste

2# cheese (sharp cheddar, gruyere, parmesan, mozzarella)


Harvesting Prickly Pears For Brewing


So I found a TON of ripe prickly pears by my friends house so I thought I'd put together a little how-to. Check out the pictures here

Szechuan Cherry Tonic

Another year, another LA Beer Week Festival and this time, we brought a "soda bar". Folks from Pacific Gravity and Strand Brewers joined us to pour a set of refreshers for the crowd.
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Drew Beechum
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Very Berry Melomel

Attempting to produce a semi-sweet mead with 14% alcohol and 2% residual sugar. If it comes out even half as good as Wickham's killer raspberry melomel, I'll be well pleased.
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What to do when it's too damned hot to brew beer? (Other than simply drink beer?)

Why, one does a very berry melomel instead! No slaving over a hot mash tun or boil kettle. No worrysome timing of hop additions. Easy clean up and no disposal of spent grains. And best of all, no worrying about fermentation temperature. There's 6+ gallons of must in a plastic fermenter in my garage, happily bubbling away. The most difficult part of the entire process was dealing with all the bees that were attracted when I opened the pail of honey and decanted it to pour into the water.

October Newsletter

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Here is the Newsletter.  Oktoberfest is next week.

Content (articles, pictures, etc) is always welcome!!!  Please submit by 10/24/12.

Sorry  the newsletter is out so late.  The editor was waiting for some last-minute submissions.

Beard Beer: Rogue Ales Creates Brew Out Of Yeast From Brewmaster John Maier's Facial Hair

Beard Beer: Rogue Ales Creates Brew Out Of Yeast From Brewmaster John Maier's Facial Hair

The Huffington Post  |  By Hilary Hanson Posted: 09/26/2012 3:56 pm EDT Updated: 09/26/2012 4:04 pm EDT

Beard Beer Rogue Ales


Oktober Shop Brew - Holiday Ale

Our monthly Club Shop Brew is set for Sunday October 21st at 8:00 a.m. Our Club’s Treasurer Kent Fletcher will be leading this crew with the brewing of a Holiday Ale the nature of which is still being formulated. All Brew Crew members will be brewing on the Falcons 30 gallon all grain brew system located at the Home Beer Wine and Cheese Making Shop in Woodland Hills. Members will participate in all aspects of the brewing process from measuring and crushing the grain to clean up.

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Hanger 24 Tap Takeover



Join us along with Hanger 24

on Oct 27, 2012 for the 
Hanger 24 Tap Takeover @ 5:00 PM

We will bring you multiple Hanger 24 beers on Draught

- Orange Wheat
- Amarillo Pale
- Helles Lager
- Alt Bier
- Columbus I.P.A.
- Chocolate Porter
- Double I.P.A.

- Oktoberfest or Hullabaloo

Special Releases
- Gourdgeous
- Russian Imperial Stout

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Get Those Anchor Accomplishments Ready!! The Time is Here to Reply!

As Drew told everyone at the last meeting, it is time to get your Anchor blurbs in, cause it is time for the Falcons to take back the Anchor  Homebrew Club of the Year Award.  What comps have you entered? What comps have you won in? What events did you volunteer at? Judge at? Steward at?  What creative positive thing can you contribute to the Board so they can put together a report?

Cheap and easy keg/carboy washer

For those that are tired of scubbing out carboys and kegs by hand here is a fairly cheap solution. I cleaned 9 kegs in 45 minutes and only 2 needed a little elbow grease because they sat too long with yeast in them. I used 170 degree water and it was still hot when I was finished.

There is roughly $65 worth of parts in building this. If you have 5 gallon carboys you may want to replace the spray arm with copper to make it narrower to fit the neck.

Here is the parts list:

1- 1/6hp sump pump $50.00 delivered from Harbor Frieght (with 20% online coupon)

Congrats to the new Board of Directors

This month's meeting saw our annual election cycle and as always the battle was fierce - to not be elected!

We kid, we kid.. but in all seriousness thanks to those who volunteered and stood for election to the board. Most of the faces are familiar and continuing on, but also we have some new vital blood as well and that's a good thing!

Remember, even if you're not on the board of directors, we could us a helping hand to make things run smoothly for the club! We'll be starting up a volunteers list to help coordinate efforts shortly. Watch for details.

Need To Hold Onto Your Fresh Hops?

Quite a few folks took advantage of our Fresh Hop Buy and are getting their supplies starting real soon.

If you're a pro brewer - great! Just make sure you schedule your day and do that the right way, but us homebrewers don't really have that option. Why do we need to worry? Since the hops haven't been dried out, they carry a lot of water and as our produce drawers demonstrate time and time again - water + green stuff + time = ick. (In this case, mold) [ETA: Please note, I'm not talking long term storage with this - please use your hops in the near term. aka 2 weeks]

the White House Honey Ale & Honey Porter Recipes

The White House recently released their homebrew recipes at the request of homebrewers. According to the website, President Obama paid for a Homerewing kit and asked the Whitehouse chefs to make the beer.

The recipes were from a brewer near the Whitehouse:



GoPlate Lets You Hold a Party in the Palm of Your Hand, Literally

Here’s a familiar summertime scenario: after waiting a hot second in the buffet line, you’ve finally gotten your food and your drink and are ready to get your grub on when you realize there are no empty tables around. You could try to find a ledge somewhere, or maybe sit on the floor, but heavens, you’re not an animal.



Board Meeting Pulled Beef Chorizo and ChickenTacos

Made these for our latest board meeting (hosts prepare dinner for the board) and they proved to be a big hit. The chicken tacos are a healthy and tastily juicy taco fodder. The Beef Chorizo tacos are actually two meals in one - day 1 - classic American pot roast with a little bit of flair - day 2 - meltingly awesome tacos.

All tacos served with pinto beans, onions, cilantro, lime, fresh queso and crema with warm tortillas and a choice of homemade pico de gallo, tomatillo salsa and guacamole..

Poached Chicken Tacos

1/4 c salt

September 2012 Newsletter

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Here is the Newsletter.  Elections are this month.  Support the club!!

Content (articles, pictures, etc) is always welcome!!!  Please submit by 9/24/12.

2012 Los Angeles County Fair Homebrew Competition Results


Culinary Styles

2012 Homebrew Beer Competition

* ** Official Results ***

Aug 20, 2012


Ed Kochanowski, Organizer

On Behalf of the Maltose Falcons Home Brewing Society



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