Send me to Beercamp!!

Hi Falcon members, I am in need of your help to send me to Sierra Nevadas beer camp if you could please vote for me that would be amazing! Thanks for anyone who votes for me. All you have to do is just vote dont even have to watch the video. http://www.sierrabeercamp.com/vote#100

Watermelon & Mint Sparkling Fresca

For the fifth annual LA Beer Week Festival, Cullen and Drew of the Falcons and Kip Barnes of LA Ale Works, poured a collection of sodas for the crowd as palate restoratives. This was Drew's based on a classic Agua Fresca.
Brew Date: 
Brewed By: 
Drew Beechum
Beer Styles: 
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So want to be a Beer Judge?

Do you sniff, swirl and hold your beer up to the light before you taste it? You may have the makings of a Beer Judge. Join moderator Tomm Carroll of Celebrator Beer News at the Four Points by Sheraton at LAX as he leads a panel of high-ranked, certified BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) judges, who will discuss the program and tell you what you need to know to become a certified beer judge.

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Recipe Designing And Development Class

Learn how to create and perfect your own recipes in this advanced class. Cost is $25, please call the shop to reserve a spot

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Enter the 2013 California State Homebrew Competition!

The 2013 California State Homebrew Competition is approaching! The judging date is Nov 2, 2013.

As you might know, the results of this competition are influential in awarding the Anchor California Homebrew Club of the year award.

Since it is in the interest of everyone in the club to win this award, the Maltose Falcons will ship your entries to the Cal State competition for you!

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Walmart and Beer Sales

Wal-Mart Sells Coors About at Cost to Be Largest Beer Seller

So, few things that are interesting from this article - wow Walmart is really being aggressive and when you figure breakage and other parts of the operation, they are losing money on their beer sales. Now to their point - beer does pull in customers and may very well be an effective loss leader for them, but still 0.6% markup?

September 2013 Troubleshooter's Corner Notes

Brief anonymous notes on what was presented at the Troubleshooter's Corner, A jumped up cider - lager not quite right, a too sweet saison and more

For the past year, the Falcons have resurrected an old tradition in the club that predates my involvement. It used to be that prior to the meeting, any brewer who had a beer they had questions about could ask a panel of experienced brewers and judges to taste and give them feedback. All of this away from the harsh spotlight of the full membership meeting. These days with attendance at the meetings pushing 80 or more, the intimidation is worse.

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Brew 101

Our next new and improved Brew 101 class is coming up soon. Topics will include beer history, basic science, and extract brewing techniques, tips, and tricks. If you've been thinking about brewing beer at home and would like to see how it's done, all while enjoying some great homebrew call us to sign up! Cost is $15 dollars

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Eagle Rock Tap Takeover with Brewer Jeremy Raub at Crazy Harry's!

Crazy Harry's Bar is hosting a Tap Takeover with Eagle Rock Brewer Jeremy Raub during LA Beer Week! Come join us to taste some fantastic Eagle Rock beers and say hi to fellow Falcon Jeremy Raub.

We'll be pouring:

Manifesto Wit Bier
Populist IPA
Revolution XPA
Solidarity Black Mild )Nitro)
Tart Noir Barrel Aged Black Sout
Unionist Belgian Pale Ale
Unity Blond Ale with Honey and Hibiscus

Support Your Local Brewer!

Crazy Harry's Bar is located at 20112 Saticoy St. in Winnetka.

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September 15th - Shop Brew Session

Our monthly Club Shop Brew is scheduled for Sunday, September 15th at 8:00 a.m. Esteemed Board Member Cullen Davis (me, Mr. Publicity Director!) has volunteered to lead the session this month to make some fine and delicious stout. We have not yet decided on which of the various subspecies of stouts we will brew, but the brewer tends to favor the richer, fuller-bodied side of the spectrum. Regardless of the exact recipe, it will be a fun and enlightening session as usual.

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It is time to get your Anchor blurbs in. Why you ask? Because it is time for the Falcons to take back the Anchor Homebrew Club of the Year Award. What comps have you entered? What comps have you won in? What events did you volunteer at? Judge at? Steward at? What creative positive things can you contribute to the Board so they can put together that winning report!! Those of you who have contributed, thanks!!! Those who haven't... C'mon. Send in those shop brew, bus trip, festival photos!! I know you all have them.....Yet I haven't seen anyone post anything new.

Crazy Harry's Green Flash Tap Takeover!

Crazy Harry's and Green Flash Brewing are hosting a Tap Takeover. We'll be pouring 6 Delicious Green Flash Beers!

Saison Diego
Citra Session IPA
Hop Head Red
West Coast IPA
Double Stout

Come join the fun!

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Lion's Share | Strong Ale

Original batch brewed with Falcon members Dave and Courtney Lopez a few weeks before my son was born in 2012. Recipe has remain unchanged across subsequent batches, winning Blue Ribbons in Strong Ale category at LA County Fair two years in a row (2012, 2013) and Silver Medal in Imperial Anything category at Doug King 2013. Highest score was a 40 from a BJCP certified judge (too generous I think). The biscuit malt plays really well with the Simcoe/Amarillo combination and the Denny's Favorite yeast leaves it full-bodied, chewy, yet not cloyingly sweet while balanced with the high IBUs from resiny hops.
Brew Date: 
Brewed By: 
Drew Sams & Malcolm Edwards
Beer Styles: 
Brew Type: 

August Shop Brew Session Sunday the 18th (Edited)

Still plenty of spots for tomorrow's shop brew. We will be brewing a Belgian Golden Strong Ale (Think Duvel, Russian River Damnation, Delirium Tremens, Piraat, or North Coast Pranqster).

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Oktoberfest 2013

Join us for our annual Oktoberfest on 5 October 2013 that will be held again at the popular KOA  in Acton with the actual festivities beginning around noon. Of course we will have lots of beer, several bars to pour them from, and the Maltose Falcons Brews Band be playing, too! Last but not least, we will have our traditional Stein Holding and Keg Toss games, and maybe something new and different to go with them.

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2013 LA County Fair Homebrew Competition Results

2013 LACF Results


Organized by the Maltose Falcons Homebrewing Society

Best of Show Winner
James Hilbing Belgian-Style Strong Golden Ale
Redondo Beach CA, Strand Brewers Club

Los Angeles DWP adding Chloramine to Drinking water.

I recently had to dump a batch of beer I made last month due to my tongue feeling numb and having this weird plastic taste to the beer. I recently read a post from more beer stating that Water companies are adding chloramine to water as a disinfectant, and how chloramine will react with malt and create chlorophenols.

Here is the article on More Beer http://morebeer.com/articles/removing_chloramines_from_water.

I'm thinking that I had filtered my water to fast and didn't get enough of the compounds out of the water which then reacted to my beer.

Introduction To All-Grain Brewing And Equipment

Interested in all-grain brewing? Register for our upcoming class that will teach you how! We will cover all aspects from strike to sparge as well as building your equipment. Cost is $25. Please call the shop to sign up.

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Brew 101

Our next new and improved Brew 101 class is coming up. Topics will include beer history, basic science, and extract brewing techniques, tips, and tricks. If you've been thinking about brewing beer at home and would like to see how it's done, all while enjoying some great homebrew call us to sign up! Cost is $15 dollars

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August Newsletter

v. 39
i. 8
Newsletter Date: 

Attached is the August newsletter.

Judges and stewards are still needed for the LA County Fair judging Aug 3.

Sunfest is August 10 at Mt. Pinos. Come and enjoy! The mountain is 30 degrees cooler than the LA basin.


2013 Los Angeles County Fair Homebrew Competition Judging

We will be holding the main round of judging for the 2013 Los Angeles County Fair Homebrew Competition on Saturday, Aug 3,2013 beginning at 9AM at the The Home Wine, Beer and Cheesemaking Shop in Woodland Hills.

To register to judge or steward, click here!

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Kegging And Draft Beer Class

Next Tuesday we are going to be holding our 1st class for kegging and draft beer! We will be covering everything you need to know to leave the hassle of bottling behind and make the step up for draft beer at home. Call the shop register your seat. Cost is $25

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Antelope Valley County Fair Homebrew Competition

I am currently looking for judges for our first BJCP sanctioned home brewing competition to take place at Bravery Brewing for display at the Antelope Valley Fair. The judging has now moved to July 27 starting at 11am at Bravery Brewing. Lunch, snacks, drinks and anything else we can think of to make a great experience for our judges will be provided. We have been surprised with the number of entries for our first year and are in much need of more judges. The links below will take you to the rules and styles pages (we kinda lumped things together) as well as directions.

Shop Brew Sunday

We got a shop brew coming up on this Sunday.

Which is 1,2,3 days away.

We got the mother of all shop brews planned and if you don't get your
reservations in early, you are gonna miss out.

Chips and Salsa, Pita and Hummus, pulled pork sandwiches, oh, and well beer of

Sign ups are available at the club website:


We have a killer Saison IPA in the works based on a recipe by our very own Drew
Beechum! ABV 6.2 IBU 51.1

So off your duffs, and onto the Falcons website and sign up today!

July Brew 101 Class

Our next new and improved Brew 101 class is this upcoming Tuesday. Topics will include beer history, basic science, and extract brewing techniques, tips, and tricks. If you've been thinking about brewing beer at home and would like to see how it's done, all while enjoying some great homebrew call us to sign up! Cost is $20 dollars

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July 14 shop brew session -- Sign up now!

Our monthly Club Shop Brew is set for next Sunday, July 14th at 8:00 a.m. Tim Burt and Tom Sisolak will co-lead the session this month. The style has not yet been settled but there is talk of doing a crisp, refreshing summer saison with extra hop kick. Regardless what they end up making, these two fellows are capable, enthusiastic brewers and it should be a rewarding session all around.

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July Newsletter

v. 39
i. 7
Newsletter Date: 

Here is the July newsletter.
We have a coupon from Barbarella and a July Bus trip to San Diego.

San Diego Bus Trip 2013

Welcome to the 2013 San Diego area brewery tour!

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Water Reports

Here is a collection of water reports submitted by fellow Falcons. PDFs are attached below
Woodland Hills http://i.imgur.com/nJ8zFga.png

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July Club Meeting

The July Club Meeting will take place at the Shop, Sunday, July 7.
The meeting will start promptly at 12:00 noon. Lunch will be served, amount to be determined, but usually $6.

There is a rumor that the Grand Hydro session will feature some hard-to-get-locally East Coast brews, carefully selected by our Grand Hydro and Vice-President while in Philly for the National Homebrewers Conference.

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Upcoming Events

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