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Fruit Mead

So, when I normally make mead I only make yee old straight up meads.

Thinking of getting some straightforward honey (orange blossom, clover, etc) and make a good fruit mead. But I want to avoid the usual suspects - raspberry, cherry, etc.

What have you guys done that you like? Hell, Bruce if you're reading this - how about a lead on that awesome melon mead you had yesterday at the fest?

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David Lester's picture

Hey Drew,

I've made a kick ass Pomegranate Mead, in fact, I have some finishing up now. When fermented with honey, it mellows the tartness and is always a favorite.


David Lester

brewmaster411's picture

perry mead with cimnnamon was delicious. 

you can also try the "monster mead"


Drew Beechum's picture

FYI..  I went and procured some Sour Cherry juice and poured a dose of that into Tupelo mead. Force carbed the mead - can't wait to see what it's like!

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