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HomebrewCon Portland - Sign up and Register Kegs

It's HomeBrewCon time! You know what that means - we need beer - lots of wonderful glorious beer!

Sign up and let us know what you're going to bring!

Don't forget - by June 13th, you need to go to https://homebrewcon.grogtag.com/ and register your beer. The labels will be at the conference center.

Beers due to the Shop for pickup by 6/24!

Event Date: 
Thursday, June 28, 2018 (All day) to Sunday, July 1, 2018 (All day)


johnaitchison's picture

I'm planning on bringing kegs of Adambier, Bohemian Pilsner, and maybe best bitter. Also a dozen or so 750 ml bottles of mead and a cold brew coffee keg.

Administrator's picture

Hazy to the Core IPA - Burlington
Hazy to the Core IPA - London Fog
American Kiss Mild
I Dream of Stan Laurel Cream Ale
Saison BE-134
Saison Giga
Saison Wallonian Blended
Loral Canyon Saison
Blank Spaces - Golden
Blank Space - Dry Flanders
Sweet Almond Mead
Aussie Irish Red

rfrieder's picture

Anyone have the name/link to the facebook page where we're tracking logistics for portland? Thanks

Administrator's picture
AndyZ's picture

Hazy May -hazy ipa
Et tu? - Brut IPA
Banana Czar -RIS aged on banana rum soaked oak chips
I could send up my very purple lavender Saison too (it looks cool in the glass) but who really wants that?

Administrator's picture

I think it would be fun, but what do I know?

AndyZ's picture

Cool. I’ll bring it, or rather Ill bring it to the shop so it can be brought up.

Brewgyver's picture

Awesome, and thank you sir! Can't wait to try it! Hopefully some of it survives the truck trip...
Just kidding!

rfrieder's picture

Hibiscus Belgian Pale

Tom Sisolak's picture

Dropped off at the shop:
Board Brew Browniewine aged 4 years
West of the Nest 12 collaboration with Westlake Brewing
Sour Cherry Spiced Soda

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