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Tentative Date: April 30 Club Shop Brew Session - Taxation With Representation

Coming close on the heels of our Brew with A Falcon sessions, and being Easter weekend, we had zero signups for this Shop Brew Session, which is understandable.  We'll postpone it until April 30th, see if that works for anybody.  In case the "rumored" 1.040 OG was part of the lack of interest, that was only one tax-related possibility.  It could just as easily be 1.099!  (edit by Kent)

Falcons, sign up now for the April Club Shop Brew Session as Board Member and original "Brewgyver" Kent Fletcher leads the crew in brewing "Taxation With Representation" aka Otis Beer on Tax Filing Day.

Boston lawyer and legislator James Otis, Jr. made famous the phrase "No taxation without representation" in his 1776 pamphlet "Rights of the British Colonies" which summed up a key grievance of the colonies driving their rebellion and ultimately, the formation of the United States. Read more about that here. Fun fact: More than 40% of what American beer drinkers pay for a beer goes toward federal, state and local taxes. You won't pay any taxes on this beer. The exact style is to be determined, but it is rumored to start with a 1.040 gravity, and will definitely not be dumped into Boston Harbor.

beer-tax.jpgNow trying for Sunday, April 30
8:00 am
Home Beer Wine & Cheese Making Shop
22836 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills
Click here for a map. 

Everyone Participates, from Start to End of Clean-Up
The brew session will use the Falcons' 40-gallon all-grain brew system at the shop. There are 6 spots on this brew crew, including the crew leader(s), and the Falcon's Share, which will be poured at club events. All Brew Crew members will participate in all aspects of the brewing process from measuring and crushing the grain to clean up and fermentation. Yeast will be provided, unless otherwise announced. We need one crew member to step forward to ferment the Falcon's Share at home! 

Economical & Educational
Yeast will be provided for participants, but you may also choose to use your own yeast. Each participant will pitch in for the cost of ingredients (usually $10-$15 cash), and take 5 gallons of wort to ferment at home. So it's very economical and a great opportunity to get some hands-on brewing experience on a larger, more sophisticated brewing system than most homebrewers have access to, learn new recipes, and, of course, a chance to hang out with your fellow Falcons and share brews and snacks. Bring a carboy, bucket or keg for your wort, or buy one in the shop. 
You Must Be a Dues-Paid Maltose Falcons member
Your membership status will be verified prior to your spot being confirmed on the brew crew. You must sign up here by clicking the "Sign up for March Club Shop Brew" link below. Please email me your FULL NAME and CELL PHONE NUMBER at publicity@maltosefalcons.com so that your membership can be confirmed and you can be reached if there are any problems with your membership or with the brew day itself. No exceptions.
You Can Sign Up Once Every Three Months 
No experience is necessary. We welcome new members, or members who have never been on a Brew Crew, to sign up for this event. If you have been on a Brew Crew within the past 3 months, you can still be on the waiting list if slots are left empty by brew day. Signups are at the end of this event posting.  
First-Come, First-Served Basis. Sign-Ups Online Only 
No sign ups will be accepted via the Yahoogroups, comments on Facebook, or emails to the crew leader or the Publicity Director. Once the crew is filled, members can be on a waiting list. Email publicity@maltosefalcons.com to ask about getting the waiting list. Participants are expected to arrive on time and stay until all equipment is cleaned and stowed and the work area and clubhouse are cleaned up. That is often after 4:00 PM. The Leader(s) of the Brew Crew is responsible overall for making sure that the equipment is properly handled and cleaned up, although the whole process is participatory and everything is up for discussion and debate. The Brew Crew Leader MUST provide a write-up and a few photos for the newsletter, and have all participants sign a liability waiver and submit them to the Board.  

All Are Welcome to Hang Out & Observe! 
Anyone, non-members included, is welcome to observe and learn the all-grain brewing process, hang out and chat with the Crew. Beer and snacks to share are always welcome. For questions, please email me. 
Matt Myerhoff
Publicity Director, Maltose Falcons

Event Date: 
Sunday, April 30, 2017 -
08:00 to 17:00
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