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Brew with a Falcon Day

It's back! Time for our second annual (first annual - wait what is it when you on the first repeat, but second event? - regardless, it's our second time with BwaF) Sunday March 22nd, a few members of the club, will be opening up their homes to other folks to brew together. Most of these sites will be unlike a shop brew - there will be no wort for members to take home. Instead, brewers will signup and on Sunday March 22nd you'll go to your chosen location and hang out, learn and help out. Here are the sites as they exist today:


Site Host Description Capacity
Agoura Hills

Craig Shapland

Ryan Boring

Craig Shapland and Ryan Boring are brewing the nearly world famous Citra Double IPA. We are also smoking pastrami that will be deli sliced and served on toasted rye bread. Access to the cellar will be available too. Brew, smoked pastrami and beer will make for a fun day 8 brewers
Azusa Israel Arrietta Izzy is going to be brewing up a 10 gallon clone of Samiclaus! Izzy will also be demonstrating how to be ecological friendly with water use and composting. Plus, it's Izzy brewing a big damn beer. C'mon! 6 brewers
The Shop Melody Hitt Melody is hosting the annual Ladies Brew Day at the shop where they'll be making an Irish Red. Brewers of the distaff persuasion should sign up here 6 brewers
Thousand Oaks Dana Cordes It's German Brew day at Dana's house! Dana will be brewing a German Pils. David Uhl will also be there, managling a German Kolsch. In keeping with the spirit, Dana will be providing a "light" lunch of German Potato Salad, Sauerkraut and various Wursts 8 brewers
Westside Ryan Merlin Starting later in the day: ~11:30am. Ryan is planning on his Brett Trois Imperial Wit and Tiffany will be conjuring lunch (which will be great because one of the Burgerfraus is involved)! 15 brewers


So why do we do this? Because brewing, for all the writing and lessons, is still a craft best learned by doing and watching! It's a great excuse to have people visit each other, share a few beers, learn a few things and have a great time as members of the Falcons!

Event Date: 
Sunday, March 22, 2015 - 08:15 to 17:15
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