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LA Ale Works 45th Collaboration Brewday!

Saturday, September 28th
Start time: 8:00 am

Los Angeles Ale Works - Brewery & Tasting Room
12918 Cerise Ave, Hawthorne, CA 90250

Maltose Falcons Contact: Cullen Davis - president@maltosefalcons.com
Brewery Contact: Kip - (424) 456-4191
Style: DIPA
Cost: Free to participate, just let us know you're coming!

Additional details coming soon!

Event Date: 
Saturday, September 28, 2019 - 08:00


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Important information about the brew session tomorrow from the brewery:


"We're super excited for tomorrow's brew day. I'm getting everything all set up for tomorrow 6am call time.



I'll leave the parking lot open along with the roll up gate. You can park along our building or in the parking lot.


Start Time: 6AM Sharp

We're planning on starting at 6am, but I'll already be milled in for the first batch. I'll likely be prepping the mash tun. I'd like to get grain in there as close to 6 as possible which means I'll be getting in at 5:30. People that get there between 6-7:30 will be able to participate in milling in the second batch. I'm guessing we'll finish batch #2 at around 5-6ish. If you have any other questions please let me know.



For those that want to help out, I'd highly recommend closed toed waterproof shoes or boots. It gets really wet, slippery, and messy.



Extra wort at the end will be depend on how efficient everything runs tomorrow. I will likely have some extra, but I won't really know until we get everything going. If people want to take wort from the mash tun, that's an option too. My goal is to get 20-21bbls into the fermentor so as long as we get a full batch, we'll be good.


Beer Tasting

I'll serve people 1 taster at a time because it'll just be me and one other production person. Our taproom staff will be in closer to 11:30AM. My main concern is that people will over imbibe or take advantage so if someone is there to help coral people that would be awesome. I want everyone to be safe so we have to keep the drinking under control so that nobody gets hurt.


Homebrew Discount

If anyone wants to buy anything they get a 10% homebrewer discount that they can apply to anything they buy. Please make sure you tell our staff that you're a homebrewer with the Falcons or ask about the homebrew discount. They may not know you're with the group so just let them know."

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Is the start time 6 or 8 am Sept 28? Original event notice says 8 but the recent brewer post says 6.

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Arrived at brewery 5:50am. Nobody here, and nobody answering loud knocks at back door that has a few cars parked nearby. Wasted hour+ drive and sleep loss to get here:(

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