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Crafted Homebrew and Food Festival

The Maltose Falcons have been invited to pour at the Crafted Homebrew and Food Festival in San Pedro on Sunday June 29, from 2 to 6pm.

Yes, this is a late invitation, but the Falcons can rise to the occasion. This will be your club's first chance at legally pouring at a non CHA festival via the new law signed this year, AB 1425! There are two ways you can participate. The first way is to volunteer to bring a keg to the festival and help pour, the second is to drop off your keg at the shop and we will pour it for you! If you choose option two, please note the style, ABV, and anything else relevant you would want to be known about your beer. Kegs will be returned to the shop.

The other clubs at this fest include: The Crude Brew Crew, Long Beach Homebrewers, Yeastside Brewers, and Strand Brewers Club. Let's show them what the oldest club in America can do, please get your spare kegs of great beer ready for June 29!

This should be an exciting event for all those who participate! The Falcons will have 10 tickets to give to those who participate. Proceeds of ticket sales will benefit of the San Pedro Art Association.

Check out these links for further details:



Add a comment below, let us know if you can bring a keg and pour or would like to drop off a keg to be poured for you.

See you at the Festival!

Event Date: 
Sunday, June 29, 2014 - 14:00 to 18:00


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Add a comment to indicate if you can pour or donate!

Ed - Donate and Pour

Tom Sisolak's picture

Hi Ed,
I will come up with something to donate, but I am definitely in to go with the group and pour. Sounds like another great opportunity to get the Falcon name out in front of people.

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