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San Diego Bus Trip 2013

Welcome to the 2013 San Diego area brewery tour!

This another great chance to get acquainted or reacquainted with micro breweries in San Diego, tour their production area, and taste their beers. This year we will have our first tour of Whitelabs yeast production and enjoy their tasting room. Your cost sharing fee of $85 includes the bus ride, beer at each of the breweries (Breakwater, Societe, Whitelabs, Ballast Point, Alesmith), pizza lunch at Breakwater Brewery in Oceanside, bagels in the morning, snacks in the afternoon. Glasses will be provided at each brewery and at lunch, so you do not need to bring your own unless you prefer that.

Pay your fees here:

We are going to visit five breweries (so pace yourselves), and this means we will want to stay on schedule. This means that YOU NEED TO BE AT YOUR PICKUP LOCATION EARLY and ready to leave on time. We will not wait for you if you are late unless you are taking the train and your train is delayed.

The first pickup location will be the HBWC Shop in Woodland Hills.
Be ready to leave by 8:00! We will not wait for you if you are late. DO NOT PARK IN THE BANK PARKING LOT as the Falcons have an agreement with the bank NOT to park in their lot on Saturdays, so your car may be towed if you park in this lot.

For those people taking the train to Union Station, we need to know who you are, your cell phone number, and which train line you will be taking so that if you are absent we can call you and find out where your train is.
Send this info to riverattachment@yahoo.com.
If we do not get this information from you, we will assume you are driving yourself to one of the pickup locations and not wait for you. The bus will be waiting in the bus parking area that is at the end of the tunnel OPPOSITE the main Union Station entrance. The bus parking area is off Vignes Street. So when you come off the train, head in the opposite direction of the main terminal and go out the doors and up the steps to the bus parking area. Our Tourcoach bus will be there somewhere. If you can’t find the bus, call Drew Beechum 626-298-1893.

For those driving to Union Station, park in the underground parking off of Vignes St. Parking there is $6. If you park in any other lot, it will be $12 and you will have to walk a long way to the bus. Buses park above the underground parking and our Tourcoach bus will be waiting there. If you can’t find the bus, call Drew Beechum 626-298-1893.

We will leave Union Station around 8:40 AM. Don't be late.

We should return to Union Station around 6:20 PM and end the trip at the HBWC Shop at 7:00 PM.

Contacts: Drew Beechum 626-298-1893 dbeechum@gmail.com
Steve Rosolio 310-601-6765 steverosolio@mac.com

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