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June Shop Brew Session - Sign up now!

Our monthly Club Shop Brew is set for next Sunday, June 9th at 8:00 a.m. Mr. Treasurer, Kent Fletcher and Madam Ex-President, Nancy Gold will take over leading the crew this month for a batch of a clone recipe of Allagash's Curiuex, the famous big, oaky, Belgian-y brew. They are well known for their excellent brews and brewing smarts so it should be a great session!

All Brew Crew members will be brewing on the Falcons 40 gallon all grain brew system located at the Home Beer Wine and Cheese Making Shop in Woodland Hills. Crew members will participate in all aspects of the brewing process from measuring and crushing the grain to clean up and fermentation. Each participant will take home 5 gallons of wort to ferment at home at a really cheap price. It’s a great deal for great beer and hands-on brewing experience! So remember to bring some cash to cover your share of the brew and a carboy or a bucket to put it in.

Crew, you must be an up to date, paid in full Maltose Falcons member. Your membership status will be verified prior to you being confirmed for a spot on the Crew.

You must sign up here and email me your full name and phone number (cell #’s are best) at publicity@maltosefalcons.com so I can confirm your membership and contact you if there is any problems with your membership or with the brew itself. No exceptions.

We welcome new members, or members who have not yet been on a Brew Crew, to sign up for this event. If you have been on a Brew Crew within the past 3 months, you are NOT eligible to be on this crew. Signups are at the end of this event blog in the sign up section. No sign ups will be accepted via the yahoogroups or email to the crew leader or the publicity director. There are only 8 spots on the Crew, two of which are the crew leaders' so there are only 6 open crew slots and signups are on a first-come, first-serve basis and tend to fill quickly. Once the crew is filled, one or more person may be wait-listed in case a crew member can't make it on brew day.

Of course anyone who is interested in observing the all grain brewing process is welcome to come by the shop to hang out and chat with the Crew. Beer and snacks to share are always welcome. Make it a part of your day to stop on by to support the club and the crew.

Cullen Davis
Publicity Director


taburt987's picture

This looks like a great beer.


I am signed up. And looking forward to my first taste in a couple of months!

Thanks Kent and Nancy!


budski's picture

Signed up for my first brew crew also. Really looking forward to it!

Since this will be my first brew, should the carboy or fermentation bucket already be sanitized before we show up?

Drew Beechum's picture

It doesn't hurt, but as long as you stay up on the game, there's plenty of time to sanitize on site. (But at least bring the thing clean!)

budski's picture

LOL, so I should clean it out from the last time I used it to wash the car?

EthenWithAnE's picture

The IPA we brewed with Nancy and Kent a few months back was a super good one. Looking forward to getting in on another brew sesh soon.

taburt987's picture

A few months ago, Cullen did a Barleywine and we used 100 lbs of grain and filled the mash tun nearly to the rim and got an OG of about 1.100. That gave it the name "Century Barleywine".

The Alagash Clone will need a similar starting gravity to attain the 11.0% ABV for the Clone.

If we have increased the boil kettle from 30 Gal to 40 Gals, then the grain requirements will also need to increase?

Just doing some back of the envelope calculations, I am coming up with about 143 lbs of grain to get to an OG of 1.095 ABV of 8.2% given a 40 gal boil kettle.

Reducing the grain bill to 100 lbs, drops the OG down to approx 1.068 and a potential ABV of 7.3%.

How is this going to affect the outcome? Do we have a way to mash 150 lbs of grain?

Brewgyver's picture

This brew will be the first using our new mash tun, with almost exactly 50% more capacity. In addition, it has a much better aspect ratio (diameter v height) than the old one, and should be more manageable, with less chance of a stuck mash. It is still a work in progress (haven't worked out the dippy-dump hardware yet, etc), but we should be good to go for a successful brew. :)

Also I'm curious about "OG of 1.095 ABV of 8.2% given a 40 gal boil kettle" ?? That would mean an FG of 1.033. I could see that your BW may have stopped there, but it really should be a few points lower than that. Anyway, we're not making a BW, and the FG will be considerably lower than that (think mid-teens), with a resulting ABV right around 10%.

taburt987's picture

Oops, right you are.. That should have been ABW not ABV. I grabbed the wrong number from the calculator.

The point is we have too small a mash tun to do a big 40 gal brew. I was ready to bring a 10 gal supplemental tun, just in case.

I guess few people knew anything about the new bigger mash tun. Nothing was said about it last Sunday.

It sound like a great deal. Looking forward to the start in about an hour. I will post some photos to the Maltose Falcons Google+ group!

budski's picture

A great shop brew! Thanks to Kent and Nancy. Da wife and I had a good time.

taburt987's picture

I think I speak for everyone that this was a fantastic crew! We got started ON TIME and we were mashing by about 8:30. The new 40 Gal mash tun was a dream come true. Thanks to Kent and the board members for making this happen for our members.

The resulting wort came in a little higher in OG than we predicted (22.2 brix -> 1.091 SG), which did not disappoint anyone!

Of course there was the customary sampling of beers, and a lunch from the local Sharky's. All in all, an excellent way to spend the day.

Thank you everyone for making my day, and thank you Kent and Nancy for organizing and leading us in this brew!

And a special thanks to Bob! (little inside joke)

BTW, I am a Google+ user. My photos from the event were automatically posted to the Maltose Falcons Google+ group, so if you are interested have a look.


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