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Mayfaire Festival

Announcing the results of our annual competition seems as good as any reason to have a party!

We have space reserved at Oak Park in Simi Valley where we will camp, pour beer and have an all around good time.

We are attempting to have a beer auction as a little fund-raiser, so bring beer donations! We will also enjoy an appearance from the Maltose Falcons Brews Band, fresh off their triumphant tour of San Francisco.

Price for a ticket which covers camping, the fest grounds and dinner will be $20. You can pay online here. Designated Drivers desiring dinner can purchase a DD ticket here. PLEASE use the online payment system, this frees up the Treasurer and other Board Members from the day-long task of signing people up on-site. See Fletch on site Saturday for your wrist band.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our reservation is under John Kaufman, NOT Maltose Falcons. The fest is located at 901 Quimisa Dr, Simi Valley, CA. Intrepid campers can show up the night before. The main festival itself starts at noon on Saturday. Drive (slowly) in past the park gate and take the first right, then proceed slowly up to the fest area to check in. If you are tent camping, we have the lower sites 11, 12, 14, 15 and 16.

Please note that this event is not open to the General Public and is for members and guests of the Maltose Falcons as well as entrants of the 2011 Mayfaire Competition.


Reenie's picture

Hi. Will be coming to the Festival, but will be bringing two more people as well. When will the PayPal, pricing,sign-ups for extras, etc be up???? Tried to sign myself up this morning and could only get a list of who was signed up. When I clicked on signup, nothing would open.

Monster Mash's picture
rev_joe's picture

Ticket info?

J.J. Nelson's picture

I haven't been able to figure out how to prepay online. Can we pay at the door?

Drew Beechum's picture

Event has been updated to reflect where to buy your tickets, but yes.. cash is always accepted at the door unless otherwise noted (ala a bus trip for instance)

brewmaster411's picture

Is anybody going to celebrate the coming of the RAPTURE???

Jim McGowan's picture

Mark, all I know is this Dead Palates should be a good one. C'mon everybody! Can't take those bottles you've been saving with you!

brewmaster411's picture

Didn't you hear, some Church is predicting the return of Christ. If all humanity is going to be damned, I can't imagine a better going-out party than Mayfaire.


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