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Southern California Homebrewer's Festival

The 20th Annual Southern California Homebrewer's Festival is on!

Come and join the Falcons and over 1000 of your fellow homebrewers at Lake Casitas on April 30th for a monster homebrew party.

This party is open and free to members of the California Homebrewer's Association. You must purchase your membership in the CHA before the fest date. No memberships sold at the door! To purchase a membership, click here.

The Falcons are renting a block of campsites. You can purchase a space here.

Please signup below to let us know you're coming and help us know what beers we can pour by signing up over here. Many folks will be arriving Friday night so drop a comment letting us know when we can expect you.

Hope to see you all there!


Craig Deane's picture

How do we sign up for camping without incurring the $10 shipping charge? Do we sign up for a customer account?

Drew Beechum's picture

We just switched over to our store. Try it again

Bavessa's picture

Hi, wanted to reserve camping for the band. Clicking on "camping" brings me to another person's profile...not sure where to go from here.


Brian Vessa

Drew Beechum's picture
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