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Anchor Weekend!


Ok, so you guys know by now.. we won Anchor's California Homebrew Club of the Year Award for 2010!

That means we get to go and enjoy Anchor's hospitality over President's Day weekend in 2011. We're setting up a whole slew of events, but first the basic details.

Please sign up below for the Anchor Party only.  This is just to help Anchor with planning.  There is no charge for the actual Anchor Party, and each paid Maltose Falcon may bring one guest.  Please be sure your membership is current.  The Anchor Party will start at 1:00 PM  Please read below for links to other Anchor Weekend events, Hotel info, etc.

The Weekend runs February 18th-Feb 20th (with the 21st as a travel day).

We are headquartering out of the Westin Market Hotel (address 50 Third Street - NOT the Westin St. Francis)  - The best rate you can get is via Expedia - Reserve Now!

HOTEL UPDATE:  Unfortunately, the Expedia rate for the Westin has increased substantially since we first recommended this hotel.  As of this update, January 24th, the rate for the weekend (check in Friday, checkout Monday) works out to $147.90 per night, plus tax, etc, for a total of $511.42.  And to book through Expedia you have to pay at the time of booking.  This total is about $100 more than it was when we recommended the hotel at the December Club Meeting.  There are lots of other hotels within a short distance, so shop on-line.  Rates WILL go up as the date gets closer, so it would be a good idea to find and book a room now.  There have beed discussions on the Yahoo Group on other hotels that Falcons are staying at.

PARKING INFO: If you are driving to SF, be aware that parking is an additional expense, usually AT LEAST $20-$30 per night (and WAY up), so if you find a hotel package with free parking, that's a big bonus.  There are also many parking companies that will take reservations online, at a good rate.  Most of the hotels actually have no guest parking, and use valets to store your car with one of the commercial parking facilities

Best bet is to RESERVE a parking spot NOW at one of the many commercial garages.  Go here:


to find a garage near where you're staying.  I plugged in the Westin Market address, with a 4:00 pm Friday arrival and a 9:00 am Monday departure, you can change it as needed.  Walk a few blocks, save big money on parking.

Anchor Weekend Brewery Bus Trip: Click at left to go to the even page, read the description, sign up for the event, and link to the online store to pay for it.  The cost is $65 for the bus, beers at each brewery and lunch. (This site is run by Activities Director John Kaufman, so your money makes it to us - Save your receipt!)


  Anchor Pub Crawl: Friday night, starting at 21st Amendment, a BART ride to the East Bay and three (or more!) pubs in the area.  Click at left to go to the event page, read the description, and sign up for the event!  This event will be every Falcon for him or her self, so you'll need your wallet for the BART ticket and whatever brews/food you want. Celebrator Anniversary Party - We have a special group rate, but you must buy before we arrive! Please contact John Kaufman (activities@maltosefalcons.com) to confirm your purchase of a ticket for $35.



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 Does any one want to share a room?

Diane Van Wagner's picture

You must be an up to date, paid in full Maltose Falcons member to be a part of this event!

jrkrone's picture

JUst wondering if this is Anchor "STEAM" brewery?  And what events do the two days consist of?  And can anybody (in the club) go to it?   And can friends attend (ie my son)?   Thanks

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Yup, this is Anchor Brewing Company the brewers of Anchor Steam Beer. (They changed the name from Steam Brewing a while back).

The trip is open to anyone in the club or anyone who joins the club. Members are allowed a single non-member guest to the Party.

Roughly the weekend consists of the following:


Friday Evening - Pub Crawl / General Mayhem - We'll have a post up before too long about the Friday night pub crawl, but it should be a lot of fun.

Saturday Morning - Lots of people breakfast at Magnolia and then hit the Toronado Barleywine Festival

Saturday Afternoon - Party / Dinner at Anchor. Tour the brewery, eat the food they make for us, drink all the Anchor beer you can, listen to the band play.

Saturday Evening - Pub Time - Recently we've been hanging out at the Rogue Pub after the party

Sunday - Bus Trip - For those brave enough to buy a bus ticket, we hit the road and go to Bear Republic, Russian River and Lagunitas before swinging back to go to the Celebrator Beer Party

Monday - Sign up for a new liver. :)

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There has been some confusion on the bus trip. I have been asked if the bus trip is from L.A. to San Fransisco. It is not. The bus trip is in San Fransisco. You must make your own way up there to participate in the bus trip  or any of the other events. The hotel where most of us are staying is the Westin on Market St. The bus will be leaving from there on Sunday morning the 20th.

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Sherrie Jossen will be my guest

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It should be noted that one of Martin's guests is a Falcons member as well, therefore playing by the rules of "Falcon + 1" guest. :)

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 + 1 guest

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+1 -- Nancy!

mysterious_n_senada's picture

 Just trying to add a guest who is coming along with me...

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 I am bringing a guest... Dan Gold

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I'm going to be there with one guest.

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I'm going to be there with 1 guest.


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i'll be there plus 1


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Roger Bott signing up for the Achor party plus one guest

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Matt + 1 guest for the party.

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I've already confirmed on the above form for Michael Grynick plus one.  Just wanted to make sure Darlene is on the list too since she hasn't received approval for the website account yet (having just paid dues at the meeting last weekend).



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For the Anchor Party:

Anna Kostecke +1 & Pablo Castillo +1

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