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Write the Senate Governmental Org Committee!

Time to fire up the emails again boys and girls! AB 2609 is in the Senate ! Remember this is the bill that will allow us to hold the SoCal Homebrew Fest and the AHA NHC!

Send a nice respectful letter to Senator Correa, the chair of the Governmental Organization Committee - Senator.Correa@sen.ca.gov.

Don't forget to write your local Senator if they're on the committee as well. In the LA area we have these Senators in our area.

De Leon 22 Los Angeles
Hernandez 24 West Covina, Los Angeles
Lieu 28 Redondo Beach
Padilla 20 Van Nuys
Torres 32 Chino

Here's a sample email:

May 30, 2014
Honorable Lou Correa
Chair, Governmental Organization
State Capitol, Room 5061
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Senator Correa :

Subject: Please support AB 2609

I am requesting your support of AB 2609, which the Governmental Organizations Committee is currently considering. AB 1425, enacted on October 1, 2013, effectively eliminated many of the options that home beer and wine makers formerly enjoyed to share our hand crafted product with others, and this bill to amend, AB 2609, is therefore necessary.

As homebrewers, we need the input of other brewers and the ability to sample well-crafted home brewed beers to grow and learn from others. We believe that passage of AB 2609 will allow the serious hobbyist to have those options once again.

The cancellation of the 24th annual Southern California Homebrewers Association Festival scheduled for early May has hit us very hard, and was the direct result of AB 1425. The purpose of our festival has always been for Southern California homebrewing club members to come together to learn, discuss, and share our appreciation for the hobby.

Sampling different styles of beer, crafted by using varying techniques is imperative to learning the intricacies and science of homebrewing. It is significant that virtually all of the finest craft brewers in the country started as homebrewers.

We have been encouraged by the number of Senators and Assembly Members throughout the state who are supportive of our hobby and our festival. To avoid problems in the future, we need definitions that will avoid interpretations that limit our options to learn from other brewers. The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control through AB 1425, rendered recent, narrow interpretations of “personal use” and “exhibitions”. Further, they have determined that our annual membership dues should be viewed as “tickets” and a sale of alcohol. All of these interpretations affect homebrewers negatively.

We believe that AB 2609 clarifies many of our concerns, and we urge you to help move this bill forward.


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