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October 2020 Board Meeting Minutes

Date: 10/21/2020
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Online (Zoom)

In Attendance:
  • Bernard (President)
  • Drew (Grand Hydrometer and Webmaster)
  • Eric (VP and Competitions)
  • Ed (VP and Competitions)
  • Jeff (Activities)
  • Robert (Activities)
  • Kent (Treasurer)
  • Rick (Membership)
  • Gavin (Secretary)
  • Ilan (Publicity)
  • Ian (Newsletter)
  • Jenna (Burgermeister)

The next Board Meeting will be on Nov 18, 2020 and will be conducted via Zoom.

Topics/Reports: Treasurer

Finances are in good shape. Happy Quarantine Hours have kept our treasurer busy with keeping accounts and transferring funds to/from Paypal.


Drew will talk to Marlene about a Stuffed Sandwich tasting this year, and hopefully have some news for us at the next club meeting. 

Bob will do a round of promotion to encourage members to use the Club Cooler Share at the shop. Rick has very generously lent us his chest freezer to replace the old cooler.


Latefaire was very successful and BJCP points are all in. 97 paid entries, all received. The remote judging went off very smoothly, and people liked the idea of a cap. Organizers and judges loved the use of laptops and pdf files for scoresheets, which were very legible.

The board is still considering revising competition guidelines for future competitions. Doug King is happening next year – stay tuned for guidelines, which may be simplified.

Grand Hydro

November club meeting is scheduled for Nov 1, 2020. (Note: Daylight savings ends that day!)
Agenda still TBD.
Drew is looking into the club providing beer to all paid members for this meeting.
This will be a great incentive to renew lapsed memberships.


Rick is working on assuring that automated email follow-ups go out for lapsed memberships.


Deadline for submissions: October 28.


Merlin cup: The Happy Hour Crew had been designated as the winner for the plaque.


Happy Hours: We will skip Nov 27 (day-after-Thanksgiving) and Dec 25.
Jan 1, 2021 may still be on (a poll will be taken at the next meeting).
Future HH zoom meeting rooms will be open 30 mins early (4:30 PM), and we are looking into upgrading our Zoom account to allow for multiple admins/hosts.
We are actively working on bringing in new breweries.
Following up on the success of the Hopped LA article, we are trying to get some more press on the success of our Happy Hours.

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