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March Mashness BWaF 2019! CALL FOR HOSTS!


Sign up to host a brew day on your own personal rig! Pick any weekend day in the month of March to share your brew method, tips & tricks, and a few brews with fellow Falcons.

Brew With a Falcon will be a month long event once again! In the past, BWaF has taken place on 1 weekend day where 4 - 6 hosts across the greater Los Angeles area. Last year's March Mashness was a lot more fun to have BWaF on as many days as possible in March - just like NCAA basketball games (March Madness)! Our hopes are to have at least 1 brew day on each weekend of the month. This makes it easier for everyone to attend at least 1 BWaF.

Details: Members of the club open up their homes to MF members & brew together. Most of these sites will be unlike a shop brew - in most cases there will be no wort for members to take home. Instead, brewers will signup for a day/destination to hang out, learn, and help out.

Why have we created this event? Because brewing, for all the writing and lessons, is still a craft best learned by doing and watching! It's a great excuse to have people visit each other, share a few beers, make new friends, learn something cool, and have a great time as members of the Falcons!

If you're interested in being a BWaF host this year, please email what day & the city you which you hail, as well as the beer/cider/mead/beverage/fermentation creation you plan to make to Activity Directors Tiffany & John - activities@maltosefalcons.com. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out as well.

As soon as hosts commit to a date, sign-ups will be posted on our website. For those who sign up will receive an email with additional details including the host's address a week before the brew day.

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