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Falcons Add 11 New Mead Judges to Our Flock

By John Kaufman

In January 2020, John & Pam Aitchison, Roger Taylor and John Kaufman gave three mead classes over 3 weeks. Following on February 2, 2020, 11 people took the BJCP Mead Judging Exam at the clubhouse. All examinees passed, and are newly BJCP Mead Certified Judges. Our Congratulations to the following Maltose Falcons who took the exam: Jeff Koehler, Jenna Bonney, Mark Fitzsimmons, Jason  Naylor, Art Fitzsimmons, Gavin Martin and Eric Bonney. Also, thank you to our proctors: John Aitchison and Rives Borland.

The following 6 Meads were judged:
Mead 1 - BJCP Style: M1-B - Traditional - Star-Thistle Honey
Mead 2 - BJCP Style: M1-B - Traditional - Tupelo Honey    
Mead 3 - BJCP Style: M1-B - Traditional - Wild Flower Honey
Mead 4 - BJCP Style: M1-B - Traditional - Orange Blossom Honey
Mead 5 - BJCP Style: M2-A - Cyser - Wild Flower Honey
Mead 6 - BJCP Style: M2-E - Melomel - Sweet Clover Honey with Key Lime

Following the mead exam on February 2, 2020, Bruce Brode's annual mead tasting was held. Like every year, the tasting was at capacity with both amazing home-crafted and commercial meads. Every year the meads seem to getting better and better.

Now that we have 11 new mead judges, it is time to think about holding the US Open Mead competition for both home crafted and commercial meads… Lets discuss further.

- John Kaufman

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