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East Coast Yeast is Here!

Working at home today and while I'm off in the back working on work type things, what do I hear but a fleet of barking dogs.

Race up to the front and low and behold two big boxes (and heavy as hell)

And the boxes are crammed full of fooferal...

Unpacking them, why what do I see... 40+ flasks of East Coast Yeast Company goodies!

I'll be packing up everyone's order soon and distributing the fun as I can. Thanks everyone for participating in the madness and thanks to Al and Nina of East Coast Yeast for working with us!

What a set of boxes to find on your patio!

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cybertonian's picture

Hey Drew,
Maybe you can call a "yeast distribution event" at the Trappist this weekend where peeps can show up, grab a beer and their bottle of yeast.

just a thought....

Drew Beechum's picture

Shockingly, not a horrible one either Ed!

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