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Board Meeting Minutes 2/25/20

Date: 2/25/2020
Time: 7:00pm
Location: The Home Beer Wine and Cheese Making Shop

Board Members Present:

  • President - Bernard

  • Vice President - Ed

  • Activities - Jeff

  • Publicity - Mike

  • Burgermeister - Jenna

  • Membership - Rick

  • Treasurer - Kent

  • Newsletter - Ian

Quorum? - Yes

Non-Board Members Present: None

Next Board Meeting is Thursday March 26th at 7pm at the Shop, tentatively at Bernard’s house.


Topics/Reports Treasurer
  • Finances in good shape.

  • We have a few upcoming expenses coming up.

  • Help the shop with rent increase.

    • Fundraising?

  • BwaF

    • ACTION: Jeff to send email blast to advertise the event and recruit volunteers.

    • ACTION: Mike to create Facebook events.

  • Mayfaire campout: work-in-progress.

  • SCHF

    • ACTION: Jenna will make tickets available this week.

  • Mayfaire

    • Competition website fixed!

    • Hunting for sponsors and swag

    • Checkin is April 13th at 7pm, at the Shop.

      • Will likely be a 2-night ordeal.

      • ACTION: Look for volunteers to help, we need 8-9 people total.

  • Revamp Committee

    • Progress remains slow.

  • Merlin Cup

    • DECISION: Merlin Cup ownership moving away from Competition onto President.

    • Bernard looked into plaque and individual trophy.

    • Individual trophy remains controversial.

      • ACTION: Bernard will send survey to membership to get a sense of what people might like.

Grand Hydro
  • March club meeting

    • Drew hoping to do the sensory training experiment.

    • Otherwise, stinky special European spring beers.

  • Grain Buy

  • Finalizing costs, placing the order imminent.

  • 134 members, up from 120 at the previous board meeting.

  • Lots of questions about the mailing list and the Yahoo group.

  • TOaked collaboration

    • ACTION: Bernard to start advertising event more pro-actively

  • VIBE collaboration

    • Bernard talked to Georgia (President of VIBE), things are moving along smoothly.

    • ACTION: Bernard to start forming crew soon.

  • No shop brew in March because of other activities.

  • Lady Brew Day: pretty much all set!

  • Website updates are coming.

  • Next issue will contain advertisements for SCHF, Mayfaire, and BWaF
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