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Board Meeting Minutes 1/23/20


Date: 1/23/2020

Time: 7:28pm

Location: The Home Beer Wine and Cheese Making Shop

Board Members Present:

  • President - Bernard

  • Vice President - Ed and Eric

  • Secretary - Brent

  • Activities - Bob and Jeff

  • Publicity - Mike

  • Burgermeister - Jenna

  • Membership - Rick

  • Treasurer - Kent

Quorum? - Yes

Non-Board Members Present: None

Next Board Meeting is Tuesday 2/25 at 7pm at the Shop

ACTION: Bernard to let Sean know 


Topics/Reports Treasurer
  • In good shape, we have a few upcoming expenses coming up.

  • Proposal to help the shop with rent

    • $375 each club per month

    • Maybe we raise dues

    • Fundraising?

    • Maybe reduce the cost of grand hydro tastings?

  • DECISION: Raise dues to $35, Bernard will present this at the meeting and then the $35 membership will be active on March 1st 2020, Lifetime membership will be increased on January 1st 2021 to $350

  • SCHF

    • Already reserved location; six sites

    • Discussion on prices

      • ACTION: Ed to call the site to confirm prices for RV and Tents. He will report back to the board

      • DECISION: $45 per RV (includes one person) each additional person is $25. Each person is $25 (campers) 

  • Mayfaire Campout

    • Discussion on location

      • ACTION: Jeff and Bob will search for some sites that might work

      • TENTATIVE DECISION: May 30th depending on location and availability, May 16th (backup choice)

  • Grain Buy

    • Previous rules - First 20 paid members allowed to take 10lbs of grain for a batch of beer that returns to the club. Shop gives us a 33% discount on the grain price

    • Discussion

      • Maybe ask for a specialty grain to help interest, might not work because of grain palette (~2300lbs) size

    • ACTION: BERNARD to reach out to Drew to talk about our discussion, we need a list of potential specialty grain

    • ACTION: DREW to ask shop if they want to do this,

  • Food Forward

    • DECISION: We are out this year, lack of interest. Maybe next year.

  • Doug King

    • Need More Judges

    • Food is setup

  • Competition Meeting

    • Only 4 people showed up

  • Mayfaire

    • Will be posted after DKM

    • Need swag and prizes

    • ACTION: Publicity and EVERYONE should help getting swag for Mayfaire Competition

    • Cullen’s doing a poster, Ed will follow up with him.

    • Date conflicts with VIBE competition, BERNARD will ensure that next year there is no more conflict

  • Falcons Guidelines revamp

    • There’s a plan with deadlines to update the falcons guidelines. If any deadline isn’t met, then we revert to BJCP. 

  • Merlin cup

    • Recap of Competition Committee meeting

      • Website needs to be updated

      • Needs to be advertised at every meeting

      • ACTION: DREW , please ensure that the points reset at last year’s Oktoberfest

    • Trophy/award

      • ACTION: Board members should email the board with pictures and suggestions as to the individual award

    • Budget for trophy/award

    • What is the budget for club house plaque?

    • Who can make a plaque?

      • ACTION: BERNARD to ask CRAIG for suggestions or referrals.

Grand Hydro Membership
  • (+Treasurer) Dual membership with Cellarmasters

    • What would the price be like, how much would the Falcons get?

    • How would that affect the club’s finances?

  • 134 Members, typical bump around this time of year.

  • Ensured that all people who signed up for Shop Brew are members.

  • Disambiguation of webmaster, publicity director, and newsletter editor on respect to publications and news.

    • Tabled until next time.

  • IAN: Submission deadline for next newsletter is January 29th. We should have a write up on the DKM competition and judging, as well as the January shop brew.

  • Next board meeting date

    • See above

  • TOaked collaboration

    • March 21st at the shop

    • 7 brewers

    • 1 share for the club

    • Saison

    • Everyone will need to contribute some berries

    • Beers should be brought to SCHF

  • VIBE collaboration

    • Rye Barrels

    • May June or July

    • Two brew sessions

    • Still discussing style

  • How much will the club subsidize for the collaborations?

    • $50, shop contributes 50% of ingredients 

  • Mailchimp account

    • ACTION: Drew needs to give access to Mike and the rest of the board to send out communication via mail chimp. DEADLINE, next board meeting. BERNARD to reach out to DREW

  • January shop brew

    • Ed is leading, full crew

    • IPA

    • Discussion occurred

  • February shop brew

    • Craig Shapland

    • Triple IPA

    • ~$25/person

    • Mike will reach out to him and figure it out.

  • Brew with a Falcon

    • Drew volunteers for a session

    • Rick volunteers

    • Robert volunteers

    • Bernard might volunteer

    • Mike might volunteer

  • Lady Brew

    • March 14th

  • Doug King food

  • Next meeting lunch

    • Chili Cookoff!

Other Business
  • Club swag

    • Bottle openers (Potentially depending on style), caps (No), shirts (yes, new design though - mayfaire, no year), pins (eh…), coasters (ehh...)

  • Chairs

    • Count chairs, purchase new feet

      • No need to purchase more feet, we got enough

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