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Board Meeting Minutes 12/12/19

Date: 12/12/2019

Time: 7:18pm

Location: The Home Beer Wine and Cheese Making Shop

Board Members Present:

  • President - Bernard

  • Vice President - Ed

  • Secretary - Brent

  • Activities - Jeff and Bob

  • Publicity - Mike

  • Newsletter - Ian

  • Burgermeister - Jenna

Quorum? - Yes

Non-Board Members Present: None

Next Board Meeting is 1/22 at 7pm at the Shop


Topics/Reports Shop finances
  • Discussion led by Bernard and Kent (via Phone).

  • Shop’s rent increases in January.

    • Action - Kent to present proposal for next (board or member) meeting. He would like to see if there is anyway both the Maltose Falcons and the Cellarmasters can contribute jointly to help pay for the rent increase.

Treasurer Report
  • Kent shared the report by phone.

    • Finances are in good standing.

    • The Falcons made a small bit of money on the 45th anniversary banquet.

    • Near future expenses:

      • Camping for SCHF, ~$800.00.

      • More medals for competitions.

  • SCHF - Bernard led a discussion on SCHF.

    • One or Two booths?

      • Decision - Two booths for 2020.

      • Decision - if Falcons’ SCHF participation is similar to 2019, then we’ll request only one booth in 2021.

    • Jenna will get re-certified before 12/15.

    • CHA recommends to have two reps per club for SCHF.

      • Ed is already a rep.

      • Decision - Jenna volunteers to be the second rep.

  • Stuffed Sandwich - ticket sales are going well.

  • Food Forward - Bob and Jeff will manage the event for 2/1/20 from 1-4 pm.

  • Ed shared that there will be a Competition Committee meeting on 12/19/19 at 7pm at the Shop.

    • Action - They will try to decide if we should adopt the BJCP guidelines at competitions instead of the Maltose Falcons guidelines.

    • Action - Bernard to run a survey.

    • Action - Ed will present the committees thoughts at the next board meeting.

Grand Hydro
  • Action - Bernard to follow up with Drew about styles and ask him to give the publicity chair (Mike) a bit more lead time to be able to promote the meetings better.

  • Board would like more sensory panel tasting and less "I like this one better" tasting.

  • Rick not in attendance

  • Ian led the discussion about proposed changes to the newsletter.

  • Idea: no more PDF (the whole board agrees with that). Instead, these things:

    • A monthly digest of all the posts on Facebook and any website or listserve content.

    • A yearly summary of the cool things that happened throughout the year.

    • Articles posted on the Falcons’ website, and linked onto the social media accounts.

  • We’d like to keep the email blasts.

  • Action - Ian to present a formal proposal at the next meeting.

    • Bernard asked him to define as precisely as possible the role of the Newsletter Director in this new setup.

  • Bernard talked about the updates need to the by-laws. The meeting time of 11am needs to be approved at the next member meeting. 

  • We need more information about the Merlin Cup.

    • Who runs it?

    • What is the prize for the winner?

    • Action - Follow up at the next board meeting.

  • Disambiguation between the role of Activities and Publicity: Activities should be creating Facebook and website events. Publicity should be posting meetings, organize shop brews, and promote any other activity.

  • January Shop Brew to be led by Ed. He will do an IPA.

    • Date: Jan 25th, 8am.

  • Lady Falcons Brew Day will be in March.

    • Jenna is in charge.

    • She’s thinking the style could be Belgian Dark Strong.

  • Action - Discuss BWAF at the next board meeting.

Other Business
  • Discussed having member meetings at other venues. Breweries are always a top choice.

    • Action (needs someone) - talk to MacLeod’s, Fig Mountain, Five Threads to host a club meeting.

  • Should we put chair feet to prevent damage on the new floor?

  • Club swag

    • The board agrees that a re-issue of the Scofflaw t-shirts would be awesome.

      • Action (needs someone) -  get a quote, discuss with Cullen.

    • It would be nice to have small swag to give out at events, like other clubs and breweries at Lake Arrowhead: coasters, pins, keychains, etc.

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